Monday, June 3, 2013

softies for sisters

softies for sisters - finally finished

Today was a public holiday in Perth. Yay for that!!! I was determined to finish some sewing projects that were started at the beginning of the year and had just been sitting around… waiting, waiting, waiting for the planets to align in such a way that I had energy, opportunity and will congruently. 

These softies were made for a baby girl born on New Year’s Eve and her older sister (wise owl). On the reverse side I have embroidered the girls’ names. Originally I made a mistake stitching the baby girl’s name upside down while crafting and chatting away with my creative buddies Megan and Sarah… we discussed various ways to fix it but in the end I just started again. It seemed like a better omen. Not sure why now but then it made some sense.

softies for sisters - hand sewing eyes softies for sisters softies for sisters - at the machine

Of course there is still more to finishing off of other started projects to be done, some mending as well… but at least I finished something. It feels good, not least because I know I am a step closer to my ultimate goal of starting new things!


  1. huzzah! well done for finishing things!

  2. These are beautiful, I am sure they will be treasured for a long time...great use of an extra day off. xxx

  3. Yay to finishes! & yay to finishes so you can starts!

  4. You're definitely catching up on the blogging lack, well done you. I need to get my act into gear as well. Gorgeous finished softies. I totally would have caved and redone the name as well, as much as I said just do the print upside down. I'm sure they will be much loved!

  5. I love how good it is to finish things off! I am at the point (or was at the point when I first read this post) to have finished all my works-in-progress.Mainly because I hadn't really started anything else whilst making the baby blanket. But I had a number of things in my head ready to go, and so I'm off and running now!


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