Wednesday, June 5, 2013

yarn along

in bedin hospitalin the bagin the deck chairin waiting with crocheted flower bookmark

Over the past month The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas has been almost a steady companion. I’ve read it in bed, in hospital, in waiting rooms and in the deck chair relishing the last of the autumn sun. I have lugged it around in my hand bag just in case I get an opportunity to read a page here or there. It hasn’t been a quick read though, it is the type of text that provides lots of food for thought, so much to muse over and contemplate. There is much in the novel that leaves me feeling uncomfortable, thinking about myself and those that I know. Reflecting on the culture in which I live and the type of parent and person I am and want to be. In this respect The Slap has been in ideal balance with my knitting. I read a bit, put it aside and knit while I muse. A perfect match if you will.

As for the knitting – well I am yet to finish the shawl collared jacket for O. It sits  complete except for the buttons to be sewn on. The little vest is finished in its entirety and being worn and enjoyed by the wee boy. An apple green baby paxton newborn jacket just needs the ends weaved in and a button sewn on and the white cotton ballet top for Ms. M is coming along slowly.

A quick success was the crocheted flowered bookmark, much better than photos, letters, tissues or whatever else is within quick reach.

One more chapter of The Slap to go so with any luck I foresee a weekend of reading and knitting ahead.

Yarning along with Ginny @ Small Things.


  1. I love a good book that you just want to take with you everywhere! I love your crocheted bookmark with the flower. Very cute!

  2. The ballet top looks lovely so far. I love simple white knits.

  3. my goodness, your hands have been super busy with your knitting needles!
    so many (basically ;P) finished lovelies!

  4. That was a book I just couldn't read, I detested the characters. I did however enjoy watching the series, I still didn't like the characters but the story is great.......might have to read the book one day! I too am into my winter knitting, time to blog about it too!

  5. some beautiful yarn and knits! how lovely!

  6. I read this book when I was pregnant. It was a very interesting read for a first time parent to be. Love your crocheted bookmark!

  7. I agree with Lisa- a really hard book to read, as someone said to me 'there's no likeable characters". I made it to the end though! I like his other books though. great knitting!

  8. Loved the book!! I just finished Silver Linings Playbook , I haven't seen the movie but I enjoyed the book. I like it when a book makes you ponder.


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