Tuesday, June 18, 2013

yarn along

bookclub night - savoury things

Book club was at my place last week. We met together to discuss The Slap. I put on a spread of Greek food – stuffed vine leaves, olives, tzatziki and baklava. It was good to discuss the text, most everyone enjoyed it although there was agreement that the characters themselves were not particularly likeable. Everyone except for Richie who seemed to be a favourite amongst the readers. I did sense that people were holding back a bit in their discussion, perhaps not wanting to share their truest thoughts, feelings and reactions to the text. Perhaps because they were cautious not to offend others, but perhaps too because it is hard to be honest about reactions and responses that are so deeply personal. Either way it left me feeling frustrated.

I must share with you that I was rather anxious about the readers meeting at my place.  Would people judge my humble home? Was it clean enough? Did I make the right wine choices? Would people eat the food? Would the lounge room be warm enough?  I do find it nerve wracking welcoming people into my home that I don’t know particularly well. Sitting here reflecting on it now I can’t really make any rationale explanation for it. Fear of judgement I suppose. Fear of being looked down on. I haven’t always been like this. I think, but am not sure, it started after I had children. Mmmm. Certainly something worth musing over more.

bookclub night - sweet things

A colleague at work has leant me the TV series on DVD. On Saturday the sun did not shine – the perfect opportunity to watch a few episodes nestled on the couch, knitting in hand. I am enjoying it, but it isn’t as good as I had expected – yet writing that I realise that I have no clue of what I did expect. I suppose it was just because I had heard so many “rave reviews”. To date I am more impressed with the book that the series. I think it probably comes down to what is experienced first – since I read the text first it will inevitably be my preferred media for this particular tale. Is that how it works for you? Most of the time?

newborn hat  magic loop

… and as for on the needles? Well I am having my first attempt at knitting a newborn baby hat using the magic loop method. It took me a few attempts to get started, but I am making good progress now. There are some ladders in my knitting, but nothing too awful. The big plus of this single rib pattern is that once the hat is stretched over a (fingers crossed) small baby head the ladders are not evident at all. Got any tips on how to make the first stitch in the magic loop extra tight? Or is the idea to make the others a bit looser?

shawl collared jacket


Oh yes… a finally I have sewed on the buttons to the Shawl Collared Jacket that I started way back in November last year. Many a book as been read whilst knitting this number. It was tossed aside on quite a few occasions, and attaching the buttons somehow took weeks. Ridiculous really. It took me now more than ten minutes to do, and yet I put the task off for ages. I’m actually rather cross with myself as I think of it.


Yarning along with Ginny @ Small Things.


  1. Hello Sally,
    Everyone reads a book but it is how you yourself imagine things that makes us all different. The blue jumper looks great, you can officially call yourself a great knitter and finisher. Saturday was freezing cold, we went to Perth for some shopping it got warmer as we got closer to home.
    Happy days to you and your family.

  2. The knitting looks lovely and the yarn color is very pretty. I feel the same way when people come to my home but from your pictures it looked like a cozy, fun time.

  3. I also have a hard time inviting new people to my home. I love to have people over, but worry that I am not the hostest with the mostest. Not sure why. The color for your hat is so pretty and gentle - perfect for a newborn.

  4. Too funny. Why do we procrastinate over the final step when we've put in so very many hours? The sweater is beautiful! I've never done magic loop so I'm eager to see your responses.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. interesting book....yes, the printed word for me is always more enticing!!! I went through a period of second guessing me and my 'things'---but now, if friends come over---hopefully they are present for---book club, or knitting group, or to visit ME---and not there to judge what I have (or don't have!) Friends and I have had some major giggles over some new recipes that just didn't quite make 'the cut', too! Isn't that what friends are for????

  6. See, I think what you had to say about your book club is the reason why I would have a problem with a book club. If I have strong emotions about a book, I'm going to share them.

  7. I love the blue sweater. The thing I always put off is the sewing together, many a time I have finished knitting and the item then sits around for months before I put it together!

    I have always preferred any book to the tv series/film, without exception.

  8. I have to tell you something about our book club. I was late to join in, it was already established, and the first book I read... well, I hated it. When someone turned to me and asked what I thought of it I said the truth and it sparked a really interesting discussion. Afterwards the other ladies all said that they had really enjoyed the discussion so much. Each month it is similar to this.

    Last week, for the first time, someone told me that until that night, they were all being really polite and didn't say what they really thought, but when we started being honest, it made it much more interesting and opened up discussions that add so much more to the club. A year or so on, we have all become very open about other things too, and use our meetings as a chance to be together and discuss more than just the books. It is something we look forward to, but might not have happened if I'd been there from the start and joined in with the "being nice" (and I'd probably have left after that first one if that were the case, how boring). I suppose what I'm saying, in a long winded way, is that it only takes one person to open the gates to being authentic and sharing... and maybe that will be you...?

  9. The cardigan is gorgeous and I love the colour that you are using for the baby hat.

    Opening your home to others is a nerve wracking experience, but often very rewarding. I know, too, what you are saying about the conversation being overly cautious. Perhaps it was the book itself that made people quite reserved in their comments? I have only seen the mini series, but now long to read the book, and I certainly know that there were a lot of 'extreme' views from people I discussed it with.

  10. Awe! I hope you ended up having a good time. I get the same way though. I love that afghan on your sofa! So pretty!


  11. Invariably I like the book better than the movie/mini-series because I feel like I get inside each character's head so much more in text. You get to hear what they are thinking and feeling instead of having to infer this yourself.
    And I agree - there were quite a number of characters that were really not nice - some were quite detestable - some were very weak and insipid...
    Always worth it if it gets you thinking though...

  12. Oh I loved that book. We read it in bookclub too and I totally relate to the 'entertaining' of people that you don't know so well.

  13. I worry about that stuff too, especially is my house is really cluttered and also my living room is my studio so always a bit chaotic.
    But you know i think we worry about it more than people are thinking ( and if they are judging you...... etc)
    Sally can I say I'm amazed at you and your knitting.
    Not long ago you were just learning to knit.
    It's truly inspiring x

  14. You have a lovely home Sal! I definitely know the feeling you mean though. I've had it since boarding school when everyone else's cubicles always looked so organised and lovely whilst mine was just a mess. And it carries over to myself as well, that feeling of being judged and found lacking. It is hard to escape sometimes!

    How beautiful is your cardigan. You chose the most perfect buttons. It makes me think of the children's book Corduroy or Paddington Bear.


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