Wednesday, June 26, 2013

yarn along

I’m a bit sad tonight, Australia’s first female Prime Minister and avid knitter, Julia Gillard, has been ousted by her own party and is Prime Minister no more.

Julia knits

Yesterday the Australian media was getting stuck into her for doing a photo shoot for a women’s magazine that showed her knitting a gift for the expected royal baby. Some of the the comments from the media in relation to knitting and feminism enraged me – implying that a person could not be both at once. Really? I knit, how does that exclude me as a feminist? How is it even related? Ideas of womanhood in this country are really twisted and skewed.

Anyway she is gone. I am sad (devastated actually). She is an intelligent, gracious, witty and hard working person – who regrettably was sabotaged by a narcissistic phantom menace who is now Prime Minister elect. She was never really given a fair go by her own party and the Australian media. Latent sexism in Australian culture became all too evident and frankly was very depressing.

Meanwhile I have been knitting for baby #4 who is due at the end of September and flicking through knitting books overwhelmed with inspiration to knit more and more and more. On the weekend I finally finished the Paxton Newborn Jacket, which had been set aside waiting for the ends  to be woven in and a single button attached. A newborn baby hat was also finished.

yarn along - knitting for my newborn

Today though I worked on my daughter’s ballet wrap top. I knitted in the car, I knitted at the hospital while I had a standard glucose test and somewhat ironically I knitted as I watched the political spill on tele.

knitting in the car waiting in pathology at the hospital watching the spill on tele

Knitting along with Ginny and many other women with diverse and progressive views.


  1. I've been catching up on some reading (where did the last few months of my life go?). I am always struck anew by the way people box knitting into a "female" pursuit. Many, many men knit once and it is our own fault if we are not teaching our boys. My father knit and my brothers were taught and last winter my nephew knit his own beanie. I thought it was a particularly nice and touching gesture that the PM of Australia would hand knit something for Prince William's baby.
    Which segues nicely to your story about the Republican debate which I also enjoyed. Like you I believe it is time head of State was Australian but there can be no denying our historic ties and therefore an interwoven thread. The embroidery was delightful and I have to admit to a fascination with the English succession and adore stories and films. I particularly love the books by Sharon Penman who spins a bit of a story with some historical fact.
    I am so pleased to see you well and happy and fecund. It was a very emotional story (that holiday at 8weeks)and I truly appreciate how candid you were about something so personal. I think it was important to talk about and enlightening.
    Lots of love to you from way over here,

  2. Yep - knitting and being disgusted and devastated and feminist here, too. (BTW - Well done on the making of bub and bub's knittery, you!)

  3. Hi Sally, I thought of you last night. I know you are polically literate, much more so than me, but did say last night either he is a narcissist or really really committed to 'the people' and wants to make a difference- and thinks he can, at any cost (I was leaning with the former!). The knitting comments have REALLY bothered me as well. I think- gee, the mental health of the Prime Minister is pretty important, Mr. Howard went on his walks...what's the problem with knitting? Gorgeous knits you've got going on there by the way, well done. And- lucky you- bub number 4, how fun xx

  4. I am so angry about it, she was treated so bad by the media from day one, it was disgusting. Makes me ashamed to be Australian.

  5. So so sad.
    And ridiculous really like school children all this changing.
    I personally blame the media, it's like they had it in for her from the get go.

  6. Maybe if all politicians took up knitting our country would be a better place.
    Yarnbombing Parliament House might have to happen ;)

  7. love your knitting! You are going so well! Hope your test was fine!

  8. I am late coming into this discussion just having found your blog this morning, great blog by the way and what gorgeous kiddies you have! Poor Julia, I too was devastated. At the time of writing this Rudd is showing himself to be an egomaniac once again. I'm a Labour voter through and through but there is something about him - slighty creepy, and plain weird! Your knitting is beautiful, best wishes Kathryn


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