Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a new smile

tooth fairy pillow

E.’s top tooth has been wobbly since June. Finally this past weekend I stole some moments to embroider a tooth and then this afternoon my biggest boy came home from school with his tooth in his hand!  It is his third lost tooth – but his first top tooth. With speed I immediately set to work to embroider some text and sew up a pillow.

In the meantime E. set to work scrubbing his tooth with copious amounts of toothpaste – I might have mentioned to my children once or twice that the tooth fairy pays a higher price for  well cared for teeth and that some unfortunate children with decaying teeth had indeed woken in the morning to an invoice from the tooth fairy who had disposed of the toothy-rubbish. Since he had been eating when the tooth fell out E. was adamant that it needed a good clean… and as many of you may well predict there were tears not long after when he dropped the tooth down the drain.

bye bye baby tooth

He was inconsolable. Hugging him tightly I assured him that he was not the first child to loose a lost tooth, the tooth fairy would be small enough to fly down the drain and rescue the tooth, we could draw a map so that she could find it I suggested…  Thankfully Dave was home and unscrewed the drain recovering the tooth.

a new smile

… and the boy is now, as I type,  sleeping with his new pillow and his new gappy smile.

Me thinks following all the drama of this afternoon he might get a good price for it… he did use a good third of a tube of toothpaste cleaning the tooth once it have been salvaged from the drain. (In this house a good price is a shiny golden $2 coin.) The tooth fairy is at a bit of loss as to what to do with the tooth once it is claimed… should it be kept with other treasures? Has anyone ever been given a full set of teeth in adulthood? I have no idea what my ‘tooth fairy’ did with my baby teeth. Does anyone have the low-down on what the tooth fairy actually does with the teeth???


  1. My mum asked me a few years ago if I wanted my baby teeth when she moved into a smaller house. I think they got put in the skip bin, I have to say she did well to keep them that long.

  2. The pillow is adorable and PHEW thank heavens the tooth was recovered. And you asked the question I was wondering about - what to do with the teeth???

  3. woah!! Those are AWESOME toothy pics there and the pillow is so adorable, seriously :)


  4. I'm pretty sure my first few lost teeth ended up in my baby record book which is somewhere or other. When I was given it a few years ago I have to admit I was a bit bewildered as to why they were kept. Maybe you can start stringing them on a necklace for him? New fashion trend coming up!

    I bet E was stoked to finally have a special place to put those tooth for the tooth fairy. I love the story of him cleaning it, what a champ.

  5. What a beautiful smile :)
    I have kept my boy's baby teeth - last year he discovered that I had them and I had to do some quick explaining - he thought that if he ever needs false teeth when he is elderly, he could use his baby teeth to have them made!!!

  6. That is funny...well done on the cushion and retrieving the tooth from the drain.
    I have kept my kids teeth,labelled( sad I know)...the other day my 14 year old stumbled across them...she was less than impressed so I think her response in me keeping them has been answered...I am turfing them all out. I don't know how I would have felt if my mum had presented me with my teeth either.


  7. Hi Sally,
    Hope you're travelling well and 2013 has been good to you so far. That would have to be the cutest little pillow (not to mention the cutest smile!) I have ever seen. :)
    I'm just popping in to let you know about a little #reverb-like blog challenge my friend Meredith and I are offering from August 21 to 31. It's called August Moon and it looks all set to be magic!
    We'd be so excited if you joined us. You can find out more here: http://www.katmcnally.com/p/august-moon-13.html
    Take care,
    Kat xx

  8. Wow, what a saga! I have no idea what to do with the teeth, but I think I'd end up tossing them out. I confess to having kept little-miss-e's hair from her first hair cut, but I think I'd draw the line at keeping teeth. (My nana kept hair from all of our first haircuts and I remember loving it as a child - no idea where the hair is now though...)

  9. I did the same things as a kid too, and was devasted, but luckily to the tooth fairy still came too.
    Loving the last pic, so cute xo

  10. Oh dear, so glad to hear you were able to rescue it. As for what we do. well I wanted her to keep her teeth but then remembered that I had told her that the tooth fairy takes the tooth and gives you money, so I took the tooth and gave her money, then at a later point I told her that the tooth had been returned for safe keeping in her tooth box, the fairies had used it for what they needed it for. Lame I know, but she wanted to collect her teeth as she had found my teeth from when I was little so that is how I got around it. :D

  11. Such a sweetie, I love a happy gappy smile. He's so lucky to have his sweet little pillow. My kids have to put their teeth under their actual pillow!!

    You must be due soon, Sally??? Exciting! x

  12. The good ol' Tooth Fairy story, and good thing Dave was able to recover the tooth. Haha! Anyway, it's great parenting to teach your son how to properly care for his teeth. Not only were you helping him protect his smile, you're also ensuring and securing his overall dental health.
    Leigh @ Arbor Ridge Family Dental


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