Sunday, September 8, 2013

roll up, roll up

My first quilt finished.
roll up roll up the circus quilt
I wasn’t sure that I would ever do it. This one has been in the works for sometime, in my imagination anyhow. I bought the fabric last year, I started cutting the squares in June and today I finally finished sewing on the binding.
especially for
It sure is wonky! My quilting in the ditch efforts are not tidy and the centre panel was cut and sewn crooked. Still, the boy, my first born, doesn’t seem to mind. Frankly he doesn’t seem to have even noticed.
roll up roll up
During the make-y business he did mess with my head a bit, advising me that he didn’t like it. Didn’t want it. Yarda yarda, blah blah.  Since the binding has been going on there has been none of that, rather “is it ready yet?”. And tonight there were declarations that he’d sleep under it every night for ever and ever – he was going to look after it so well that apparently it won’t even need to be washed. (I’d like to see that happen! Same boy declared last weekend on Father’s Day that today was Kid’s Day … and being the indulgent parents that we are he and his siblings were served chocolate pancakes in bed this morning – his bedding needed to be put through the washing machine twice today!!!)
made with all my love
Originally the plan was to make a blanket. Some patchwork on top and a piece of flannelette on the back. Nothing too fancy. The boy however spotted a huge roll of Tontine batting on special at Spotlight and decided that perhaps a “puffy” blanket would be better.  Who would have thought that getting all the layers joined together would be so tricky?  There has been a lot of unpicking in these parts of late.
stitchy bits
Now he sleeps. My eldest angel. I wonder, are his dreams set to the Madagascar 3 soundtrack tonight? Is he juggling? Riding an elephant? Swinging from the sky on a trapeze? Regardless of what he dreams I do so hope he feels all the love I put into that quilt.


  1. Well done Sally, what a beautiful quilt! My son usually tells me that he hates any quilt that I am making for him, until it is finished and then he won't be separated from it.
    I'm sure that your boy had a wonderful night's sleep - you know, that you sleep better under a quilt that is hand-made with love.

  2. Great achievement....I am sure he will cherish it even if it goes through the wash a few too many day someone else may sleep under it tot.


  3. Oh Sally it is beautiful. I love the sunny colours.
    Quilting can become a bit of an addiction I've found. I am attempting my third quilt but keep hitting the brick wall that is my 'To Do List' :)

    Love xx

  4. Hello Sally,

    Your Son has a wonderful quilt all thanks to you. Love the fabrics that were chosen for it.

    Happy days.

  5. Hooray! You clever clogs. I hope you are enjoying all your crafty nesting time, I'm sure there are lots of other things close to being all finished and done from your mighty big list. I bet M and O have put their hands up for their own version to follow E's!

  6. fabulous work! Well done for your first quilt! Love it!

  7. What a totally fantastic quilt - so fun and bright. I cant see any wonky!


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