Friday, September 27, 2013

still waiting

We’re still waiting in these parts for baby to arrive. I saw the midwife this morning after climbing Jacob’s Ladder, thought 242 stairs might get things moving. Nup. Not really. My cervix is now 5cm dilated, which is halfway there, pretty impressive considering there hasn’t been a lot of contraction action happening since about 37 weeks.

This sure is one strange pregnancy. Most of the first twenty weeks were spent haemorrhaging and threatening miscarriage, and then from twenty weeks on I experienced some incredibly strong Braxton Hicks and backache, always seeming to threaten to go into premature labour. Incredible that from 37wks when full term was reached there has been little action at all. Perhaps I over did it willing baby to stay put?

out and about walking - trying to get this baby out!

Since 38wks and a scan that suggests baby is another biggy I’ve been trying everything I can to coax this baby out. I’ve walked and walked, in sunshine, rain and storms. I’ve tried acupuncture. Eaten red dates and pineapple. Eaten lots and lots of curry and danced the horizontal jig. Baby just doesn’t seem to want to leave the comforts of my womb. Sweet really… but I am starting to get rather concerned about the pending birth. It is important to me that I have another VBAC. My last birth was a VBAC after two c-sections. The whole experience, most notably the recovery, was worlds away from my ordeals following the caesars.

eating for birth

The longer time passes the harder I think this is going to be. I’m visualising a positive birth. I’m practicing my breathing and my affirmations. The doctor and the midwives at the hospital are all really positive and believe that a vaginal birth can be done. Faith. I have faith …but there is some niggling doubt too.

new car

I suppose the extra time has been useful. There has been knitting, sewing on the binding of my third quilt and we traded in our old Suburu for a Carnival. Yep. I now drive a Mama bus. Strange. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. I’ve never driven an automatic before. I’m still finding myself reaching for the gear stick and have a minor panic attack fumbling for the handbrake for a hill start.

… anyway, no time to blog much more – I’m off for another walk, and perhaps a stern talk to this baby about the benefits of being out!!!


  1. So exciting. Cannot wait to hear.
    Lotsa love from here. xxx

  2. I have been checking your blog daily for baby news - sending positive thoughts to you and bub.

  3. I've been thinking of you! Can't wait to hear of your little one's arrival!

  4. Oh Sally,

    I hear your anxiety...i went to just over 42 weeks with my first...I did all the same things to coax her...then needed inducing...stay positive...stay healthy and well rested. Look forward to hearing your news very soon. xxxx

  5. Well next time we "speak" in blog land I'm sure you will have news. All the best x

  6. We are all still waiting along with you! Far out! You are round! There is no other way to describe it! Round! Were you that round with the others? Love the bus! Now you will really be that "soccer mum" won't you! Good luck for the birth, I hope you get what you wish for...

  7. Eating a whole cob of steamed sweetcorn is another good labour starter. I've seen it work for a girlfriend. You are doing everything right and your bub will get here and all will be well, patience.

  8. Watch the grand final - the stress of Freo struggling to win will ensure a swift departure! Seriously sending you lots of good positive thoughts for a good, clean birth and uplifting recovery xxx


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