Sunday, September 15, 2013


I had a stretch and sweep on Friday. Already 2cm dilated I was kind of hoping that we’d see some labour action this weekend. Maybe not. Murphy’s law would have it that now that I am organised and relatively mentally ready (as much as you can be in that completely terrified kind of way) baby would not be ready to come.

The “to-do” list has many checks: bedroom reshuffle – done, bags packed – done, birth plan – written, new pram – purchased, baby clothes – washed, frozen dinners – made, new car – bought (but not collected – just waiting for the finance paper work to be finalised), mega-grocery shop – done…

So now it is just waiting.

red and blue quilt

I finished my second quilt whilst waiting, hand sewing the binding whilst watching the final episode of Call The Midwife (season one). I was hoping that finishing a quilt and finishing a season was a bit of an omen. Clearly not.

red and blue quilt

I just improvised this quilt. It’s pretty simple, but I did manage to do mitred corners on the border and binding. I was pretty chuffed with that. I’m really getting into this quilt making caper. There is something very cathartic about it,  something wholesome and nurturing that in a strange way makes me feel connected to women throughout the ages. Can’t explain why, but that is how the process leaves me feeling.

sally made

There have been a number of things I’ve done this weekend in an effort to get this labour moving. Yesterday I dragged the family out in the rain for a walk around a local swamp and today with the finer weather we undertook some beach walking. The children had the most marvellous times – puddle jumping yesterday and beaching combing today. They were way too busy collecting to sit still and have a photo taken with their Mama.

at the beach

There is a third quilt waiting for its binding to be finished… maybe when I finish that one baby will come. I do so hope so because I don’t have the mind set to start any new projects and once that quilt is finished there is  just a bit of knitting to do to keep me distracted during this waiting game.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


Red and Blue Quilt (for lack of a better name)

98cm x 100cm

cotton batting

quilted in the ditch (& rather wonky)


  1. I hope you don't have much longer to wait. Good luck ;)

  2. Hopefully not much longer for that beach photo of your busy little bees and their very patient mumma. xxxx

  3. I love the quilt! And for some reason I'm really happy that you are enjoying quilting haha. Maybe someone to share my enthusiasm with?!

    The bottom photo is a crack-up :)

  4. Terrific work on your quilt! Love that blue.

    Gorgeous pic of you!

  5. I can hardly believe it's already time for you to meet your littlest one. Best wishes :) - Sam

  6. Another quilt done - good on you. I think I have the quilting bug too and want to make my second one too. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming birth......and wondering if you are still waiting ??

  7. beautiful quilt & i love that you were sitting on it atthe beach! already loved :) looking forward with great excitement about the new arrival :) good luck with it all.

  8. How lovely to get so many things checked off the list, even if that means baby is still holding out on you. Feeling organised and ready must be nice. Three quilts in the space of weeks, look at you go! I'm impressed. Every day I don't see an instagram photo of #comeonbaby I think maybe.. maybeeee!


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