Monday, October 21, 2013

kids clothing week challenge

sewing challenge

I’ve never participated in a KCWC before, strange come to think of it since I’ve been blogging and sewing my children’s clothes for a while now… I suppose I’ve just never been organised enough to get going with it.

On the surface of things now would be a strange time to start. Baby is not yet a month old, life is pretty chaotic and I’m still recovering from the birth… BUT, I’m suffering a lot from cabin fever. I’m still not well enough to drive so leaving the house means that Dave is driver and all four children are in tow. So I haven’t really been getting out much … and frankly it is starting to drive me a bit crazy!

A sewing challenge might be the very thing to distract me from being so house bound, indeed there is the very strong possibility that perhaps it might even make me want to stay at home. I’m not delusional enough to think that I’m going to be knocking off outfit after outfit, night after night, peeps I do have a newborn and as such am doing most things one handed. So the challenge I’m setting myself is to sew a little bit every day this week making some pants, or trousers as peeps north of the equator might call them, for Ms. M. A small challenge, but challenge enough for me at this time.

So what about you? Have you set yourself any challenges, no matter how small, lately?


  1. Fantastic! Loving the yellow polka dots too!

  2. Hello Sally,

    I have found when sewing to get things ready one day then sew another day. Good luck with your sewing. Hope you are well enough to drive, I would live it up for a while at home.

    Happy days.

  3. Love your realism! Cabin fever can produce amazing spurts of productivity! Lovely project. Hope you yourself is healing well and you can settle back at the end of the day and feel all is well xx


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