Thursday, October 10, 2013

knitted bamboo baby cardigan and hat

Bamboo knits made with love

One of my greatest pleasures while pregnant was knitting for my unborn baby. Let’s face it – I was pretty exhausted just being pregnant again at my age, add to that working full time and juggling my beautiful three kiddos and knackered really is an understatement. My absence in the blogosphere is testament to my knackered-ness. Stringing together a sentence was challenge enough, let along turning on a computer and getting the message from my brain to my fingers!  Sitting on the couch, or in bed, knitting a few rows here and there was the perfect meditation at the end the day. Knitting of course is always good in waiting rooms for the numerous appointments that are scheduled towards the end of pregnancy too.

newborn bamboo knitted cardi and capThis little cardigan is knitted using Cleckheaton’s 100% bamboo. It was left over from the snugly cocoon I crocheted for baby O. It is so soft and smooth. Lovely. Perfect for a newborn baby. It was a little slippery and tricky to knit with at times, especially on the days that my fingers were swollen and chubby, so there are some wonky stitches here and there – but I am so chuffed with how it turned out.


Baby Ace is a big baby but his head is average size for a newborn, it is his chubby little stomach that is oversized, but the little newborn hat was a tad small. I left it, along with some other shop born hats, with the neo-natal ward at the hospital. Some of those babies are just so small. I knew it would be appreciated and used.

After visiting our GP this morning we made a trip to PMH this afternoon to check Ace’s breathing – he has stridor. He got the all clear for now (we’ve been referred to an ear, nose and throat doctor) Anyway, he was wearing his little bamboo cardi and I must confess to being super chuffed by the amount of complements it attracted, from the nursing staff and other patients’ Mamas. Sharing with people that I was the knitter made me feel rather proud, pointing out the button that had belonged to my Nan’s collection and just soaking in the admiration made me feel good. It is good to feel good. Especially when you’re in the emergency ward with your eleven day old bub.

hospital reads

Another past-time that fell by the wayside during pregnancy has been reading. Too hard to keep my eyes open. This is the pile of reading I had with me in the hospital. I didn’t pick up any of it. Time I had a plenty, the correct head space I did not. The plan for this weekend is getting stuck into Life of Pi ready for bookclub next week. I haven’t seen the movie and know nothing of the story. I’ve got a good vibe that it will be an interesting read. I’ll let you know if it is next week.

blogtoberfest 2013

Yesterday I woke up and realised that it was October! This is the first year since I started blogging that I haven’t participated in blogtoberfest  from the outset. I’ve decided to jump on board now – better late than never right? Maybe I can get my bloggy-mojo back…


Bamboo baby cardigan and hat  ravelled here.

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  1. How have I never found you before? I'm sure I haven't. Your blog is full of so many gorgeous things (baby included). And all beautifully photographed.

  2. It is a lovely cardy - no doubt you got lots of compliments :) Gorgeous little one - do hope he gets better soon! and thanks for linking up - so great to have you along! :)

  3. He is so gorgeous. Love that button :)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww, i can just smell that newborn baby smell from here hmmmmmmm! Gorgeous looking little cardi, clever you.
    Hope you have a snooze today !

  5. How perfect! I love that even though the beanie didn't fit that it has found a special new home already. It is nice to give back too, double good feelingness along with the compliments on the cardigan. Which is just gorgeous. I particularly love the button, even more when I read where it came from.

  6. Have just been catching up with your blog Sally and your birth story. So very brave of you to share it so openly after such a full on experience. I understand the need to process because even though I had a completely fine (but tough) natural birth it still took me a good while to reflect upon it all to a point I felt comfortable with how it had all played out. It looks like the new guy is settling in well. Must now go find you on instagram which is my lazy person social media option of choice.

  7. Beautiful knit and super beautiful bub...glad to hear things are going ok for you both....have fun trying to find time to read. xxxx

  8. BEAUTIFUL baby!!!! Oh he is just so precious! The cardigan looks beautiful on him. I just read his birth story and I am so happy it turned out well for the both of you!!


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