Tuesday, October 29, 2013

one month

Can you believe it? Today my baby Ace is one month old. It’s true! The time between his birth and now is a collection of hazy fragments. It is a blur.

my baby ace - a month old

Unlike his entry into this world, this dear lad is showing himself to be one laid back easy going dude. Sure initially he wore a rather serious expression, no doubt trying to fathom all the chaos around him, but now at only a month old he cracks a wry smile. It’s a real smile too, not just a gassy wind one or a funny in his sleep dreamy one, a real lock in for eye contact knowing little smile.

a month flashed by in a blur

The spring weather has finally arrived in these parts and we’ve been getting out into the sunshine. It feels good. Actually, all things considered I am pleasantly surprised by just how good I feel.

This little lad does feel chills, even on a gorgeous spring day like today his little bottom lip shivers with cold. Lucky for him his Mama likes to knit.

Vest ravelled.

Little O. at the same age.


  1. Simply gorgeous!!!! Love his little pebble vest - a fav knit for me too... :)

  2. Oh, a baby in a hand knit, it doesn't get much sweeter! Happy first month! xx

  3. he's getting big! Happy one month A!

  4. So adorable.....you are a clever mama to make him look so handsome. xxx Glad you are starting to feel better too. xxx

  5. Such a happy little man. Just what his mama needs I think! Gorgeous vest, is that a new one you've finished or one you prepared earlier? And is the latter, where did you find the time!

  6. What a gorgeous bundle, I can't believe you find knitting and blogging time, well done to you.

  7. He's already a heartbreaker ... he's gorgeous must be getting that laid backness from You :) Huge Hugs to All :)


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