Friday, October 18, 2013

receiving serendipitous pebbles

ace in pebble vest

The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the waters and polished to brilliance by life's strongest storms.

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a wonderful parcel

Last week I received this most lovely parcel. A pure surprise. I love surprises. A sweet package instantly inspiring me with orange ric-rac teamed with blue and white polka dots – most awesome combination.

Inside? Pure yarny goodness. A little vest me thinks is the Pebble. Oh so appropriate in light of the maker’s thoughtful and lovely poetic comment and considering the babe’s middle name indeed means pebble. Moreover that very morning I had cast on my own version of the pebble, serendipity forging a deep connection with the giver, someone unknown to me in many ways – I could pass her on the street and never know – and yet I feel deeply connected to her, deeply thankful for her kindness and generosity. A shared passion for all things yarny.

yarny gifty goodness

… and look some fabulous booties too.


Meanwhile my participation in blogtoberfest is patchy at best. Time seems to melt away, I’m struggling to keep track of the days – instead just relishing the dazing blissful moments of this babymoon. There is a new kind of crazy in these parts – how can such a small person create so much extra washing? The math just doesn’t seem to make sense. Dave and I hit a bit of a wall mid week – a child with worms precipitated the emotional collapse. Washing all the bedding and soft toys coupled with a rainy day left us both feeling a bit blue and empty, resembling the walking dead more than either of us would have liked. Not to worry. The sunshine was back the following day and we pulled ourselves back together. What looked like mountains the day before returned to molehills.


  1. It is amazing how the mountains turn to molehills so quickly sometimes.....hope the weekend sees the sun shining on you all....although it is pretty bleak here. xx

  2. beautiful knitted gift!
    & yes, things all of a sudden seem so BIG but then a sunny day shrinks them I am sure.

  3. Ah the joys of parenting! But you will forge through and praise the lord for the kindness of strangers! What a wonderful little gift!

  4. I'm glad a sleep turned the mountain into a molehill. I can imagine that would be an icky wall to hit. All that washing and not the best drying weather still either! How lovely to get some surprise happy mail. People can be so lovely.

  5. Love the cute little booties. Great pics.


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