Sunday, November 10, 2013

{pinning in real life} up-cycled watering bottle

virtù - pinterest watering bottle from journey to a dream- a yay!I’ve been pinning like there’s no tomorrow in these parts. Might have caught myself a little bit of an addiction. Easy enough to happen when you’re either so heavily pregnant you need to call in the troops for assistance just to roll over and get out of bed or you yourself are pinned to the couch breast feeding a babe with only one hand free.

There is a certain satisfaction in “pinning” something. If I’ve pinned it then I’m one step closer to owning it or having made it myself. Lucky for me and my bank balance in many ways just pinning something satisfies the consumerist within. Sometimes once I’ve pinned it I don’t “need” it anymore. Strange.

Still there are some pins that I find so inspirational that I simply must follow through and actually bring them into  real life. There are times when I see something and I’m just overcome by its pure genius. This up-cycled watering bottle from ‘a journey to a dream’, pinned to my ♥ garden board,  is one such example. Brilliant. Especially so for those of us with more than one child wanting to help out in the garden. Also good for the older kids who like fire and melting things.

It didn’t take our family long to save the required amount of old milk bottles. These days little O. is drinking two litres of the white stuff a day. He just can’t seem to get enough. We had a fun afternoon sitting outside with a yarn needle and a candle melting holes in the tops of the lid. I think a few leaves might have been set on fire as well.  Nothing like a bit of fire play (under close supervision on a low risk fire danger day of course).

These little watering bottles are pure gems. Not so heavy that a child can’t carry it and no big openings for them to pour the water out in a flash. If you were cunning you might make them with fewer holes so that you’re not constantly at the hose topping up refills.  virtù - little O with his watering bottle

So Astra’s DIY watering bottle gets a big YAY from us. An absolute winner for sure.

Resplendent as the up-cycled watering bottle is… I don’t think little O. is going to make good progress filling up his paddling pool without the aid of the good ol’ garden hose.

virtù - little O trying to fill the pool...


  1. What a great idea! hours of fun :)

  2. Great invention! Gotta love pinning! lol Lovely pics of O.

  3. I find such a satisfaction in making something I've pinned. Probably because I pin so much and make so little. I bet these never get old. I might have to make a set for the sandpit at school (with the suggested less holes!)

  4. What a cool idea!!
    Good on you for making something you'd pinned too! It's so rare around these parts ha ha!


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