Sunday, November 10, 2013

six ace weeks

virtù - ace 6wks oldPossibly the fastest six weeks ever! Where have they gone?

Here is a collection of random points about now(ish)…

  • milk $1/litre; bananas $3.90/kg; petrol c.$1.40/ltr; adult movie ticket $19;
  • Tony Abbott Prime Minister (conservative party); Colin Barnet Premier of WA
  • hot political issues: turning back the boats, repealing carbon tax legislation, only one female minister in federal cabinet, budgetary cuts to funding scientists
  • #1 song in Australia: Roar by Katy Perry
  • big brother E loves Skylanders &  Phineas and Ferb. He also dreams of building a club room under the house that is accessed via a tunnel under his bunk bed.
  • big sister M loves the colour pink, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. It is not understatement to say that she is obsessed. She also really enjoys practising her handwriting.
  • big brother O’s talking is really coming along, he has finally consented to wearing his floaties in the pool and is loving it, calls his dummy “me-me”
  • pantone colour of the year for 2013: Emerald
  • United States debt ceiling and Obamacare – federal government shut down
  • Philippines largest typhoon ever – estimated that ten thousand people have died
  • footy finals – Freo lost to Hawks in their first ever grandfinal the day before your birth

What do you think is note worthy about this particular time in the world?


  1. wow, your petrol is cheap! lol

    He's lovely! Growing too fast! The more kids you have, the fast time goes I think! So you must really be racing along.

  2. Love this - a great snapshop of time!

  3. What about the weather - typhoon in Thailand..
    And umm - what about current tv trends (cooking shows??)

  4. Wow when you sum up our world like that it really is a crazy place. xxxx


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