Friday, November 8, 2013

spring + a quandary

Clear blue skies, light fresh breezes, radiant sunshine, pollen galore – spring in all its finery. The perfect time to get out and about, before summer hits and it is too hot to venture out of the shade.

virtù - at the farmvirtù - brooms at the farm

We spent a delightful morning at a local(ish) farm. I’m not your overwhelmed with awe and love for animals type – I like most of them well enough (or at least tolerate the variety with feathers) – being vegetarian I certainly pay animals my respect by not digesting them – but you’re not going to find lots of animal figurines on my shelves or posters on my walls, nor am I going to get all gushy when I see animals at a farm (although I am always keen for a ride on a horse). 

virtù - a strange place to happen upon a goatvirtù - the noisy roster

Even so, I do believe there is something marvellously magical about visiting a farm with a two year old. It is just the perfect age. I guess because farm animals dominate a two year olds’ literary experience – so many texts, songs, and tv shows are associated with farmyard animals. (Our all time favourite at this house is Peppa Pig – why oh why Peppa do you only run for five minutes????)

virtù - transportation hat

O. certainly had a wonderful time. He sure did enjoy communicating with the residents in their native tongues - ‘neigh’, ‘moo’, ‘quack quack’ and ‘coockadoodledoo’.

And I can tick off the list a finished sun hat for the boy – cut out  during last summer and finally sewn and completed before this next one begins – just!

virtù - chuffed

He seems well enough chuffed.

And now to ponder a creative quandary. This sunhat that has taken the best part of a year to make, (although probably no more than a couple of hours of actual labour) has been made from fabric that I had ‘fallen out of love with’. There it was in the stash and I was left wondering what I was thinking when I bought it. Obviously I loved it at the time (or perhaps I loved the price?) but as time had passed there were no fond feelings left. It was chosen because the hat was intended for daycare and the inevitable lost-property-black-hole. I suppose the project took so long to finish because the fabric was not loved, that and the crazy decision to invest so much energy and toil for something that was expected to only have a fleeting presence.  It all seemed just a little too ill-fated.

Yet here I am now – with the memories of a lovely morning visiting the farm animals and some super sweet pics of my dear boy in the ill-fated hat and all is forgiven, the investment seems worthwhile, perhaps the hat will not be sent to daycare, not at least straight away.

Have you ever fallen out of love with fabric only to find your feelings rekindled once part of a project? Or once out of love do you file for divorce and de-stash?


  1. I hear you on that animal thing! As for the falling in and out of love with projects, yep it happens all the time with me, I am very fickle.

  2. I can so relate to all that! Love the farm! Love O in his new hat! Well done on persevering. I had that same fabric with cars... DJ has just grown out of it. It got lots of comments when out & about. O will love his car hat & you will grow to love it as it is unique & easy to spot him in a crowd! lol

  3. Usually all or nothing with me. If I am not feeling the love, then that's it, all over red rover. I am sewing a dress at the moment and actually making a muslin. The fabric is OK but it was cheap but it is an effort to sew because I don't love the fabric. So I understand why it took a year to sew that hat.

    Never underestimate an emotional attachment though, hey?

  4. Looks like a lovely farm outing! Yup I think most of us can relate to falling out of love with a fabric or project! I tend to hold on hoping to fall back in love at some stage or I pass it over to someone who will love it more than I do :) Great hat and he certainly looks happy with it :)

  5. I fall out of love with things all the time, usually mid project when it just doesn't seem right. Sometimes I fall back in love, but it usually takes about a year of putting it away and forgetting it. It is a great hat design though, even if you don't love the fabric.

  6. Oh yes fickle i can the hat though...great job for getting it finished. x


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