Friday, February 1, 2013


Last time I checked in here I was in the throws of busy busy. End of year parties, meetings and assemblies with a special four year old birthday to celebrate too that was shortly followed by the festive season. Good times indeed.  A time to get the priorities right – my family first.

Christmas came and went. We had a lovely day. Children excited and full of joy. As parents we relished their glee and at the end of the day were proud to have survived all the madness. Dave and I brought in the New Year with a midnight skinny dip – hello 2013!


I worked extra hours over the week between Christmas and New Year so that I could take some time off in January. The children spent time with their father before we left him behind in Perth and travelled east.

ms M. just add water

On the east coast we hung out in Sydney, travelled north to Port Stephens to visit my grandparents and even made a quick overnight dash down to Canberra. Lots of travelling and lots and lots and lots of beaching too. We swam in a river too! There were a handful of day trips too… Darling Harbour to see the oversized yellow duckie & visit the Maritime Museum, not to mention a last ride on the monorail before it is dismantled; a date at the Opera House to see Cat in the Hat; an adventure up Centre Point Tower; a trip to see the dinosaurs and other animals at Taronga Zoo; a ferry ride to Bundeena and a magical escape to the Hunter Valley Gardens.

hanging at the O

The children’s Grandpa took the bigger kids to see Wreck it Ralph and took me too see Hitchcock.

river swimming

Great holidaying indeedy. Fabulous.

beach play at Corlette - I spent every summer here as a child

On return home the relaxed mode just took hold, and having been a single parent for two and a half weeks I was very much in need of catching up on sleep and reclaiming some personal space. We also celebrated my biggest kiddo turning six. Yep six. I can barely believe it. How can he be so old? Wasn’t it only yesterday that I meet this marvellous chap? Yet at the same time life prior to meeting him seems like just a collection of stories and not really real at all.

cake at the beach with the east coasters

We celebrated the marvellous milestone with brunch at the beach, catching waves on surf mats, playing in the sand and blowing bubbles in the park. Simple. And awesome. We headed out to ten pin bowling after lunch and then went to dinner at Sizzler because the boy is partial to making his own sundaes with the ice cream machine.


Funnily I botched up one of the gifts I gave my dear boy. I thought he had asked for a bubble gun and have subsequently learnt that he had indeed asked for bubble gum. Ooops.


In the past week we’ve braved the sharks and been to the beach almost everyday. People must be heading back to work because we’ve almost had the beach to ourselves. The water is lovely and uncommonly warm, yet refreshing.

more sandcastles

So there you have it. Holidaying. Good stuff really.

Ms. M dives in

… and today was the last day. One weekend to regroup and get my head into a better functioning space… and on life rolls.

What about you? Did you do brilliant holidaying over the summer?

Or maybe life has just been trudging on in winter… I’d love to tell you that it’s nearly over but I don’t want to … if I could have my way summer down here would last forever!!!