Friday, May 31, 2013

time to sharpen my pencils

time to sharpen my pencils

Time to sharpen my pencils and re-learn some bloggy how-tos. The old news is that Google Reader is on the way out and it would seem that Bloglovin is the new reader of choice. I’ve just gone and claimed my blog there. I’m not even really sure what that means… but I’ve done it nonetheless. 

I’ve identified my blog in the category of “personal”. I really find categorising my blog a challenge – it really is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  What do you think? Right choice?

So if you use Bloglovin and you haven’t already please follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

long time no blogging

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day this year to write a blog. I’ve been working four days a week and doing a day of overtime most weekends. Pregnant and running after three active children leaves me feeling pretty knackered most days. Just as my energy levels were returning after the first trimester I was bowled over with pleurisy and pneumonia but I’m all mended now and determined to find more time in my life to record all the wonderful day to day experiences and creativity in this blog.

O in Debbie Bliss Tank Top

One of the benefits of being so ill and needing to rest up has been the time it has afforded me to knit… well the time I could manage to keep my eyes open that is.

Not-so-little-anymore O. wears the first completely finished garment that I have knitted – Debbie Bliss’s Tank Top.

O in Debbie Bliss Tank Top 2

With baby #4 on the way my days with a dedicated craft room are numbered so I’m on a stash busting mission. For this project I used remnants of Bendigo Wool Mills Luxury 8ply. I know I am totally biased but he looks so handsome!

O in Debbie Bliss Tank Top 3

I learnt loads about knitting doing this project. I can now increase and decrease, pick up stitches and sew seams together. Where would I be without You Tube? Not knitting much that for sure.

With any luck I’ll be back soon catching you up on all the goings on in these parts and with time I hope to catch up with all you’ve been up to too.