Sunday, July 28, 2013



Life is all tangled at the moment.

Now in the final trimester of my pregnancy I have increased to full time work. I wake up in the dark at 0450hrs Monday to Friday and am in at the office by 0600hrs ready to start my working day. Getting into work so early means that I can make it to pick the ‘big’ kids up from school two days a week and get home in time to watch over homework and cook the dinner. The other days E. goes to afterschool care while M. and O. are at day care.

my desk my screen saver work vibes

Schedules are hectic, so many people needing to be at so many different places and appointments. So many jobs that need doing that are just part of the day to day and the extra tasks that need to get crossed off the list ready for the baby’s pending arrival.

Exciting times. Tiring times. Messy times.

off to see the princesses on ice

at the footy


It’s not all been hard work and chores though. Dave took Ms. M to see Princesses and Heroes on Ice, I took E. to his first AFL match* at Subiaco Oval and O. has been wrestling, riding and tickling his dada when ever he gets the chance.

this weekend

Today, after being stuck inside for much of yesterday with the most torrential rain we’ve had this winter we got out to a local farmer’s market and then on to a park for some fun in the sun. See my youngest child drinking the puddles… best water ever according to him. Why drink from a cup when there are perfectly good puddles outside?

There has also been some finishing on the knitting front too…

E. in his new jumper at the farmer's market

At the beginning of the school holidays I finished this chunky rolled necked sweater for E. It was such an easy knit. Must confess to really really loving knitting with the 6mm kneedles. Easy going for a tired Mama with a mushy baby brain. The plan is to go grab some more of this yarn and cast on an identical jumper for Ms. M. – but in pink …of course!


* At three quarter time I asked E., who had seemed bewildered for much of the game, if going to the footy was what he had expected. “No” he answered confidently. “What did you expect then” I questioned. “I thought we were going to the cinema to watch the footy on the big screen!” he quickly replied.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


kitchen stuffMama & sonDadaMama the counterMamaself portraitself portrait - up my nose

As lunch was being prepared today little O. got his hands on the camera. He sat on the floor working it out. He took about fifty shots in all. Just lovely to see view lunch time prep from his perspective.