Tuesday, August 27, 2013

weaving in the ends

O's dino jumper
Life is less tangled than it was a month a go. I’m on maternity leave now and in the process of weaving in life’s odd threads in an effort to be in a clear place – physically and mentally – for the birth of our fourth child. Four weeks today until the due date, but my vibe is that this babe will come early. Of course no one knows – and if this pregnancy has taught me anything it is that I know nothing.
I know too that when the time comes I will not be as organised as I will like. I never will be. Life won’t be all neat and tidy in waiting for our newest addition. The curve balls and the unexpected will keep coming and there will never be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I desire.
I’m getting better at dealing with the unexpected. Since first becoming a parent I am better at making do, making the best of and not sweating the little things.
It was O.’s second birthday on Friday. It was not the perfect day. I had not slept at all the night before struck down with an awful vomitous gastro bug and overpowering Braxton hicks contractions (so strong that at times I wondered if I was indeed going into labour), Ms. M was ill with the same bug too. There had been no time to bake a cake, wrap presents, make cupcakes to take to daycare. Everything was chaotic and a mess.
on his birthday
Dada Dave stepped up and made cupcakes in the morning to take to daycare, taking the day off work to care for me he also got all the gifts wrapped and made a simple birthday cake for the boy. In the afternoon O. opened gifts, ate cake, played with balloons and enjoyed fish ‘n’ chips from the local takeout for dinner. He was happy and delighted, relishing all the special attention.  My plan had been opening gifts in the morning, a short day at daycare and an informal afternoon party with kids in the street celebrating with a special cake and party foods made by me. None of it happened… and it didn’t matter in the least.  The day was what it was and he had a fabulous time. And better still I didn’t beat myself up about the fact that nothing had gone to plan – rather I sat back and observed my youngest son thoroughly enjoy his birthday afternoon and evening.
Once everyone was feeling better – in particular Ms. M who has had the gastro bug worse than anyone else this time around – we made a little party with our neighbours.
row row your boat birthday cake
It has become tradition that for a child’s second birthday I make their birthday cake according to their favourite nursery rhyme. I do so hope you can tell what song O. loves me to sing with him… over and over and over and over again!!!
blowing out the canldes a second time
There certainly were no complaints from O. about singing Happy Birthday again and blowing out more candles. At two years he might not have that many words but I can assure you that “cake” is amongst those he has.
There were however complaints about the dinosaur jumper that I spent weeks and weeks and weeks knitting him. The neck is too small. Try as we might we just can’t seem to get it over his head!!! Talk about a curve ball. Another life and crafty lesson – check sizing as you go!!! Not sure what I’m going to do about fixing it. First up I think I might throw it in a bucket of warm water and see if I can stretch the neck opening. Any suggestions???
Perhaps it is the hormones, or perhaps it is just maturing and embracing a better perspective on stuff – but whilst I was a little disappointed that the jumper didn't fit I mostly saw the funny side. The ridiculousness of spending so much time making something at this time cannot be worn at all. Quite amusing indeed… until this morning when I woke up sweating the fact that perhaps it is a premonition, a metaphor, a warning of my pending birth!!!
Other weaving in of life’s ends has included getting out to catch a flick with a dear friend, volunteering to be parent helper for Ms. M’s kindy class, attending E.’s book week assembly, and making time special one on one time with each of the kiddos.
Items on the “to-do” list unchecked out number those ticked off. I still need to move my sewing things out of the grey room ready for the great bedroom re-shuffle, I need to pack a bag to take to the hospital, write a birth plan, buy a new car that the family will fit in and sort out all the car seats, organise a new pram and sell the old one, sort through and wash the baby clothes, make some frozen dinners to store in the freezer… oh my… perhaps I am better off not to think of it. I certainly won’t be getting into the long list of unfinished crafty projects.
So there you have it… I best be off an weave in some more ends.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a new smile

tooth fairy pillow

E.’s top tooth has been wobbly since June. Finally this past weekend I stole some moments to embroider a tooth and then this afternoon my biggest boy came home from school with his tooth in his hand!  It is his third lost tooth – but his first top tooth. With speed I immediately set to work to embroider some text and sew up a pillow.

In the meantime E. set to work scrubbing his tooth with copious amounts of toothpaste – I might have mentioned to my children once or twice that the tooth fairy pays a higher price for  well cared for teeth and that some unfortunate children with decaying teeth had indeed woken in the morning to an invoice from the tooth fairy who had disposed of the toothy-rubbish. Since he had been eating when the tooth fell out E. was adamant that it needed a good clean… and as many of you may well predict there were tears not long after when he dropped the tooth down the drain.

bye bye baby tooth

He was inconsolable. Hugging him tightly I assured him that he was not the first child to loose a lost tooth, the tooth fairy would be small enough to fly down the drain and rescue the tooth, we could draw a map so that she could find it I suggested…  Thankfully Dave was home and unscrewed the drain recovering the tooth.

a new smile

… and the boy is now, as I type,  sleeping with his new pillow and his new gappy smile.

Me thinks following all the drama of this afternoon he might get a good price for it… he did use a good third of a tube of toothpaste cleaning the tooth once it have been salvaged from the drain. (In this house a good price is a shiny golden $2 coin.) The tooth fairy is at a bit of loss as to what to do with the tooth once it is claimed… should it be kept with other treasures? Has anyone ever been given a full set of teeth in adulthood? I have no idea what my ‘tooth fairy’ did with my baby teeth. Does anyone have the low-down on what the tooth fairy actually does with the teeth???