Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{bedside} on holidays

bedside holiday edition - all on my tablebedside holiday edition - a stack of books

My bedside table in the holiday cabin we’re currently residing in. I am so absolutely besotted with my lamp. So gorgeous. So lovely for it to be mine… if only for a handful of nights.

There is a bag of knitting – but not much happening with it; an on the go sewing case – again not a lot of action except for using the seam ripper to unpick breast pockets from a new top (I don’t get pockets on boobs!); my Diana mini-camera, a Christmas gift that I finally found some time to play with and a stack of books.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest is finished. Loved it. So terribly disappointed that the author has passed on from this life – I could just tell he was setting up another novel, my guess something to do with the protagonists’ twin sister, but I am never to know. This is both frustrating and saddening. Sure I can use my own imagination, sure there is a chance that another author will take up the series… but I want to know what Larsson was planning. I want so badly to know what was in HIS mind.

Going to move on to Family Acts next. It too is the third novel of a trilogy. Not one so good as Larsson’s but a catchy and engaging one with a few good characters and plot twists to keep me reading on. I’m expecting “nice” holiday reading – and I don’t mean to condemn it with faint praise. Nice is a good way, but not earth shatteringly different or awesome. As the Yo Gabba Gabba mob sing, “it’s nice to be nice”.

There is Quilting on the Go  and Simply Retro too. At this time they’re just a bit of crafty eye candy to flick through. A couple of interesting projects but I’ve not shown either text any close attention… yet!

I’m in holiday love. Exploring and beaching during the days – collapsing with a book of an evening. Can summer get any  better than this? #goodtimes  indeedy.


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