Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{bedside} what day is it?

These summer days are slipping away from me. There is no routine. Much to do. Fun being had. I’ve very little idea what day of the week it is – they all seem one in the same.

another MJF, the girl and an elephat that is a wee bit bigger

One, of so many, things I love about summer with its lost routine and out of rating season television offerings is the increased chance and desire to read. The only downside – not so much crafting going on. Unlike watching tele my hands are occupied holding the pages. So the wee little knitted elephant is much bigger than the last time you saw him.

After reading Michael J. Fox’s Lucky Man I was intrigued to read his second book, written some eight (from memory) years later Always Looking Up: The adventures of an incurable optimist.  I suppose it was as good as his first autobiography, if not a bit repetitive. There were times where I felt he lost his thesis and just seemed to be telling tales rather than making his point but nevertheless it was interesting. Reading parts where he sang Lance Armstrong’s praises as a charitable all-round good bloke hero were uncomfortable, pretty much unbearable, to read in hindsight -  I wish I knew what MJF thought of him now. My favourite part of the text was his discussion and comparison of how he and his father dealt with the road trip question of “Are we there yet?”, his father essentially adopting a no tolerance approach as opposed to MJF’s more post-modern, perhaps surrealist, handling. Food for thought as my own family and I are taking our own road trip adventures in Western Australia’s south.

… and on that point – it was Ms. M who was the first to crack as we left for down south. Making it to just past the international airport on the Roe Hwy until she asked the question. Nope … we hadn’t even made it out of Perth! Still I suppose we had at least crossed the river.

The last of Steig Larsson’s novels, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest  is next on the list…

What about you? Been reading anything good this summer?


  1. Sounds like very interesting reads! totally get the not knowing what day it is :) Haven't read in ages... very little time and as you've said... it comes at the expense of crafting!

  2. I had just got the days sorted... but now Stu is on a mini holiday again! Thrown out again! lol

    I have the other MJF book, I must read it. Interested now to read this other one too. thanks for the critique... I love MJF. & yes, wonder what his thoughts on LA are now...

  3. Sounds interesting. I've never been a huge biography reader, in fact the only one I can think of that I've read is Suzi Quattro's one, and that was only because I bought it for my Dad and was looking for something to read at his place one time I was staying there. It was quite interesting though! Maybe I should venture into more. At the moment I'm reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch which, after a bit of a slow start, is getting right into a very twisty, unpredictable plot of intrigue and thievery. I'm enjoying it!


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