Wednesday, January 1, 2014


virtù - breathing controls

A long time ago, sometime in 2002 in fact, I created this mind map. I was mucking around at work using “new” software (trust me – it was fancy stuff for it’s time) figuring out how it worked. The mind map I created is about breathing. That same year we had a Hindi monk come to our house in inner city Perth every Tuesday night – he would guide us through yoga and mediation and then teach us different things about energy, chakras and awareness – so I was probably thinking about one of his lessons as I was teaching myself about the software. It was a brilliant situation, he would just turn up every Tuesday. I can’t remember how it started – what I do remember is that he didn’t have a phone so there was no way we could contact him to cancel if we didn’t feel like it… so every Tuesday – no matter what – we did our yoga practice. So many kinds of wonderful. Pity he moved to Hawaii to live in a monastery.

I wish I could remember all that he, Narnda, had taught me.

I’m not one for setting a “word” for a year. I like to set myself goals but tonight, the first night of 2014, I still haven’t really figured out what I want to achieve this year. I’m thinking about it… well trying to anyway – I think my mind has gone on holidays. The thinking is hard and forced so I might just take a more organic approach and wait for the light bulbs to flicker on when the time is right. Even so, tonight, as I did try to think of something, anything to just have a thought, the word “breathe” came to me and I recalled this mind map.

So there you have it. Breathe. Not my word for 2014. A word though to think about just now as the year starts. A word that some how encapsulates so many kinds of good advice. A word that describes the most essential and necessary verb there is. Breathe.

Wishing you a most wonderful, most delightful, happy and healthy New Year.


  1. Sounds like a great word to think about and remember Sally - Hope you have a happy year :)

  2. A good starting place for the year. I'm all about the small things this year. I want to learn to make bread from scratch. There's others too but that one is right up there!

  3. Yes important indeed , especially as all the pressure to fill the calender starts to crash on in. xxxx Happy New Year

  4. Ooooh I love a good mind map. And a great word to think about. I was wondering about doing a word of the year but realised the one I picked last year was basically forgotten a week later….so maybe (like you) not.


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