Monday, January 13, 2014

locked out

Locked out

Rushing out the door as usual I slammed the door shut behind me as I carried the woken-from-his-nap O to the car. Baby Ace, also woken, was already waiting in the vehicle as were his two older, and at that very moment, whinging siblings. The clock was on our side and if I kept the momentum up we would make it to O’s doctor’s appointment on time.

It wasn’t until I closed the car’s back door, having wrestled to get O. strapped in, that I felt for the back pocket of my jeans and realised that I had locked the car and house keys inside our home. Desperately I tipped the contents of my handbag onto the drivers seat, I back around to where O sits to check I hadn’t put the keys down next to his car seat and then back to the other side to check Ace’s capsule, but I knew the keys weren’t there. I knew too that all the doors to the house were locked because I had checked them twice before leaving, even so I checked once more – this time from outside.

Definitely locked out. Locked out with four children, two of whom I’d woken specially. Thankfully I had my mobile phone on the outer so it wasn’t too dramatic a situation. I called the doctor and cancelled the appointment and then phoned my partner and explained that he had to come home from work to let us back in.

The eldest child really showed his true colours. Clearly assessing the situation and the need for him to take “survival” leadership. Immediately he was offering solutions to the problem - “it’s okay Mum we can live in the car”; “why don’t we smash a window”; “I know lets buy a new house”. Repeatedly I explained that all was good, their father was on his way home we just had to wait it out.  “Everyone out of the car and lets wait around the back”.

Once in the backyard the eldest child continued to display his ‘leadership in a crisis’ skills. Disregarding my advice that a shelter was not really required this early in the afternoon he set about organising a tent, buckets of water, and make shift bedding from the beach towels hanging on the pool fence. Gallantly he removed the long sleeve tee he was wearing so that his shivering younger sister in a strappy dress could warm up. He assessed the backyard for possible food sources and was in the midst of planning our evening meal when his father finally showed up. Needless to say he was pretty disappointed to see him.

I, on the other hand, was thankful to be heading in doors – having nursed my two tired younger boys on my lap through the entire waiting period. Wrapping them in towels to keep them warm in the cool and breezy afternoon and jiggling them on my knees. Even so I had had fun. Who knew that locking yourself out would lead to such a good time? It was so heart warming to observe E. busy at work caring for the family. Super duper proud of him.


  1. A great silver lining moment. They watch and take it all in don't they. Bet you are planning hidden spares now, hmmm got me thinking I should perhaps think about that too.

  2. awww... nice one. What an adventure! Without even leaving home! lol

  3. At least it wasn't the days before in our searing heat..the cool breeze was very welcome. xxx

  4. Oh Sally, the number of times I had to call the RAC to rescue my babies from our car when I did exactly the same thing! I was incredibly sleep deprived with both of them, and due to my husband's job, on my own a lot of the time. You'd think once would be enough, but the more careful I thought I was being - the more often I locked them in. I even locked my oldest daughter (she was about 18 months) in the house once! Same thing, on my own, husband away - I ended up throwing a brick through a window (thank God we had a few without security screens). It was the only way my addled brain could think of to get her out.

  5. Future school captain for sure. I love that he was planning dinner. X

  6. What a champion! I can just picture the look of disappointment when D showed up. Oh how classic. And the "I know, let's buy a new house" comment - oh god, how perfect. I might just lock myself out of the house more often! What were the evening meal plans? Maybe you need to have a camp out in the backyard night and let E do all the planning. Glad you got back in without too many hassles though!

  7. what a great story! and well done you for just rolling with it - what a great little guy you've got there :)

  8. This was such a great post. An adventure without even leaving home. That is indeed priceless. I read the post along with my wife and she thought it was great. Gives us an idea to do something similar with the kids, of course not purposely locking ourselves out though. Keep up the great work. Look forward to more soon. Thanks.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  9. I am sure you were more than frustrated. I have done the exact same thing before and I can not even explain the frustration that I felt. I just had to take quite a few deep breaths and close my eyes and remember that everyone does these sorts of things. Unfortunately my mother in law does not feel the same.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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