Monday, January 6, 2014

my girl

virtù - my girlvirtù - my girl (1)virtù - my girl (2)

My girl. She’s some kind of out of this world special. The toughest princess I know. Her legs covered in bruises because she is off her bike as much as she is on, that happens when you’re looking everywhere but the place you’re going. A scar above her eye from when she training to be a bathroom stunt person at the protégé age of one. You can be standing right next to her hollering her name and she won’t hear you if she is absorbed with the magical place inside her mind… that is until you whisper a barely audible “chocolate”.

My girl is all into princesses and fairies and jewellery and writing with fancy pens and stickers and make-up. There are not enough words to describe just how much she loves Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, it is some kind of addiction for her.

My girl wore a dress I made her for her birthday today. She really really wanted you to see her fancy hands and the great bracelet she got for Christmas. I was pleased to get a shot of the buttons that came from my Nana’s stash. I always loved these buttons – they remind me of life savers.

virtù - my girl - in a dress I made for her birthday

My girl in her Mama made dress.


  1. Awww what a lovely post about your girl - could relate to all the magic and wonder and awesomeness with my girls :)

  2. Lovely pics. Pretty dress. Good job mama.

  3. Happy birthday to your girl...she looks lovely in her mummy made dress.....not only will you be able to marvel at the buttons but the dress will always be a reminder of you for her now too. Xxxx

  4. What a sweet dress for an even sweeter girl. Can't believe she's in PP this year. I really love that floral fabric. It works so well.

  5. So this is where my Miss M's little sister must of gotten too! Your girl could be Miss M's much desired (but never to be) little sister - rockwall climbs like spiderman whilst wearing the latest in bracelets! Tears around, cannonball bombs in the pool like no one i have ever seen and just adores pink and barbies! A good balance I see with both girls - good job us so far!!!


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