Sunday, January 26, 2014

{pinning in real life} little boats

virtù - little boats (2) virtù - little boats

Today being Australia Day I thought I’d share these little jelly & peach  boats. I actually made them some time ago, for O’s second birthday in fact – there was a bit of a “Row Row Row Your Boat” theme going on. Having been sick on his actual birthday my energy levels were pretty low so rather than getting toothpicks and paper to make my little  sails I just used these Australia flags that had been hanging around the kitchen since who knows when.

row row your boat jelly cups

I got the inspiration from here. Clearly the original is more flash, the little glasses rather than the plastic cups really make it – but hey I just used what I had on hand and the kiddos really loved them. I think the original has mandarin segments, I used canned peaches – again just because they were around.

Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. Happy Australian (& India) Day.


  1. oh that is one I hadn't seen before! It's fabulous! & that's the point isn't it? Using what you have! Well cool!

  2. They look amazing! Good job. Isn't it wonderful to actually do something rather than merely look and pin and dream!!!

  3. Haha - A pin Win! Looks fun :)

  4. Yours look pretty sweet to me. And using up what's in the cupboard plus having them all eaten. That works!


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