Thursday, January 23, 2014


birthday boy at elephant rocksMy eldest boy turned seven today. Seven!

When he turned six he rode a bike with training wheels, he didn’t read at all and he certainly couldn’t spell.  At seven he is reading small novels* or putting away two to three Dr Seuss books of a night. No more spelling out messages to his Dada for me, there is a decoder in the house. And that bike?  Well it is all two wheels at a rapid pace and stunts these days.

cake decorating

We had a great day celebrating him. We picked up a cake from the local (& award winning) bakery and the boy was determined to further decorate the cake with the berries that he’d picked the day before. He wanted the cake to be extra special – just like he is. We lost the battle to light those candles and I can tell you there were no lollies left on the cake by the time it came to cutting it – but no one seemed to mind, least of all him.

We took the day slow so that he could play with his gifts and soak it all in. Even so we made it to elephant cove for a swim. Heaven on earth I tell you, such a pity it was overcast but I can imagine the vibrant colours on a clear day.

To finish the day off we headed to the fish and chips shop, still in our bathers and covered in sand. We had another picnic by the river and raced around shooing away the seagulls. Good times I tell you, the best of times indeed.

Happy Birthday my darling boy. It is one of my greatest privileges to know you, and a true blessing of my life to be your Mama.

* Paul Jennings Don’t Look Now are his favourite books just now.


  1. Awww what a great Birthday! happy Birthday little man!

  2. Happy birthday - what great achievements in a year - love the cake!

  3. Lovely! Happy Birthday Mr E. & congratulations to you Mum & Dad!

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr E. I didn't realise that our boys Birthdays were so close. B turned 6 today


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