Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 random things

Joining in with Kate and sharing in ten random things.

1. This morning I went out for coffee with the love of my life. It occurred to me that there is no one else on this planet that regularly has me howling with laughter. Like right in the middle of a public space laugh so loud and long that other people stop to look. Sometimes I am laughing with him, others at him. It’s all in good fun. There is no one else I’d rather be with. That being said it also occurred to me how much he annoys me, but in good ways – laughable ways – if you know what I mean? Between you and me I think he sometimes enjoys annoying me, sort of like a little kid punching her crush in the arm.

2. I’m on a bit of a mission to make one new(ish) meal a week. I just want the children to try different things. On Monday night I cooked these fresh spring rolls, but instead of reading the recipe as coconut flakes I misread it and sprinkled cornflakes over the top. Unfortunately the kiddos were unanimous in their assessment that the cornflakes were the best bit.  At least I tried. 

virtù - a project bag made by Michelle at Buttontree lane

3. For Christmas I bought myself this fantastic project bag from Buttontree Lane to store my on-the-go knitting projects. I love it so much. Brings a little smile to my face every time I see it.

virtù - waterfall beachvirtù - notes written in the car

4. Flicking through a notebook I found these notes that I’d written in the car driving home from Waterfall Beach down south. It felt good to be reminded of that day and the things I was thinking as we drove in the car. I love car thinking. So many great thoughts as the landscape flashes by.

5. Yesterday I struck the last thing off a “Things to do” list that I started writing on 2 Jan 2014.

sinkhole Image via

6. This morning my biggest boy and I cuddled in bed while looking at pictures of sinkholes on the internet. Not exactly sure how that came about but last week were watched video of Tsunamis on YouTube after he’d read one of his school readers for homework.

virtù - a mountain of washing

7. After catching up on washing yesterday there are mountains and mountains of washing in the lounge room. Does anyone else’s lounge room look like this? Between you and me I’d rather knit.

8. The topic of breastfeeding has been coming up in my life a lot lately. Maybe it isn’t being talked about anymore than or less than other times, it is likely that since I am at this time a breastfeeding mother my radar is just a bit more tuned in. Surfing the net this morning eating my weet-bix I found this link that has lots of images of women breastfeeding through the ages. I asked Dave to take a picture of me breastfeeding my babe – just to get it out there. Not to show off, just to do my bit to help normalise the image.  Sometime I wonder that if I was living four-hundred or so years ago whether or not I would have been a wet nurse. People often marvel at my rolely-polely babies exclusively breastfed. A mother at afterschool pick-up yesterday said admiring Ace’s generous proportions “look at that! You alone have done that”. I felt proud. It is nice to feel proud.  I speculate, because I’ve never given birth successfully on my own, if I would have been lucky to survive birth four hundred years ago that my baby no doubt wouldn’t have. So I think maybe I would have been a wet nurse. I don’t know why I think like this, but I do, and the thought comes to me time and time again. Not all the time, but it recurs every couple of weeks or so. I also think about the women who struggle to breastfeed and wonder if their pain is similar to mine in regards to struggling to give birth. It hurts to think about how those mothers struggling to breastfed feel.

Woman breast feeding at outdoor meeting Image viavirtù - breastfeeding at the cafe

9. Dave and I are planning to take the kids camping. I think it has been sixteen odd years since we went camping. Are we crazy? Is taking four small(ish) children camping for a weekend totally insane? Dave is super keen. I’m perhaps a little reluctant – but hey I figure success or failure we’ll no doubt walk away with some fantastic stories. That is important to me. Shared moments in our lives that – over time – will become stories, embellished and enjoyed. Got any tips or pointers about camping with kids? Do share.

10. Looking forward to Brown Owls on Sunday. Worried that I might over sleep or forget. See random thing #2 for a small insight to how my brain is functioning just now. I do so enjoy crafting and chatting while having a cuppa tea… although I’m planning to indulge with a coffee on a Sunday morning.


  1. Great list...cornflakes sound like an interesting replacement. Good luck with the camping..we don't camp sadly but my sister takes her five littlies and has fun xxx.

  2. Oh my gosh, that sinkhole!!
    Wow, I actually had no idea.
    I think I've got a bit of googling ahead of me this afternoon.

  3. Oh and I loved reading the other none things on your list too.
    I feel all caught up now.
    Maybe we should do this regularly?

  4. Apart from all the obvious issues with drugs and alcohol being passed through breastmilk, I sometimes wish there were still wet nurses. If I ever have kids, I'm not going to be able to breastfeed because of my meds and this is a huge disappointment to me.

    Sinkholes are freaky, how they are so round and just drop away into nothingness.

    I love looking at how your handwriting changed over that page.

    Good luck with the camping. My suggestion is, don't go in Summer or Winter. But especially not Summer. I'm sure they will love it. When I am back living in the country you will have to all come out for a weekend or longer during the school hols and wallow in country-ness.

    Hope you make it to Brown Owls. Hope I make it too. 9am is a bit too early for me on a Sunday!!

  5. I enjoyed reading your Random... in fact I'm not sure where to start now...
    1. Yay for Dave.
    2. Good luck with cooking new things. It's fun. Hope they eat it all up with gusto!
    3. Love that bag for your knitting. Gorgeous!
    4. I love the notebook idea. & I too noticed how the writing changed. Interesting that!
    5. Yay for giving that list the flick!
    6. Watching some things like that is fascinating. We've watched all sorts too. Why are boys so intrigued by stuff like that. lol
    7. My washing although isn't quite so much, does get ignored to the best of my ability! lol
    8. I like that mother comment to you about Ace. lol Breastfeeding. Couldn't do it myself. Made me feel bad with the first one when I had to stop trying. Second one was easier as didn't want a repeat of the first one's drama! It's not as easy as it sounds... I would have needed a wet nurse way back in the day!
    9. Good luck with camping. Very brave of you is all I can say!
    10. Enjoy your Owls!

  6. Sink holes and lounge rooms full of laundry have really got me thinking...

  7. Thank you for sharing I love catching up in "soundbites" it always seems to make me think about my own life and what I have going on :)
    I love your project bag, it looks like a good size I often find them too small and my project gets squashed and falls off the needles as I am wrangling it out. Or too big and I feel like I am carrying another bag around :) (the pink wool looks gorgeous as well)
    Oh that picture of you feeding your little, so very beautiful. My own breastfeeding days are coming to an end, I'm sure it will be such a bittersweet time when it happens. Have you seen this blog post
    I hope I am as brave as she!
    Have a wonderful week xox

  8. Oh my loungeroom looks like that A LOT.'s the bane of my existence!
    That sink hole photo - whoah!! I must show it to my kids.

  9. I loved reading your 10 things, and particularly that your love makes you laugh - its one of the best things about life with my husband also. And yes, my lounge room also currently looks like a laundry. It did yesterday too (and the day before...).

  10. Lovely post - I love your ten random things - I want to have a go too. Keep laughing it keeps us well x


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