Thursday, February 27, 2014

a creative detour

virtù - a creative detour - coffee cosy

I had no intention of starting a new project tonight, quite the opposite in fact. The game plan for tonight was to get stuck into one or maybe two of the unfinished sewing projects hanging about in my lounge room. I had visions of stumbling across a finish line. ‘Twas not to be.

The day had slipped blissfully  by as I soaked up the summer’s end. Tired and hungry, in that good fresh air and sunshine kind of way, I flopped on the couch after finally getting the children off to bed. The two and half year old was less than agreeable in this regard but those laments can be saved for another time. Sewing was not to be. The pink project I was telling you about yesterday is in pieces pinned to a towel, a lame gesture of blocking and yet significantly more effort has been invested than is  the norm.

Couch craft was calling. The 5mm sticks were located, as were some yarny remnants (or are they scraps?) and some stitching was undertaken. A movie has been watched. The small scale project is almost finished, perhaps I may fall over a finish line after all? Off to watch Episode 1 Season 2 of Breaking Bad as I knit a few more rows


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  1. Love the coffee cosy in progress. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the Pink one...


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