Monday, February 3, 2014

and the school year begins

virtù - first day of schoolvirtù - bakingvirtù - licking the beatervirtù - afternoon tea

It was back to school today for my eldest two children. For M. it was the start of Pre-primary and going to school five days a week. She was pretty nervous and scared, holding hands we did a bit of deep breathing in through the nose by the sandpit before finally entering her new classroom. She found the table with the play dough and a sat next to a cheerful and outgoing friend. I stood close by so that she knew I was there but tried not to get too involved. When it was time to go the mat we had a super tight and long hug and then she gingerly found her place.

The house was very quiet today. My Ode and I got stuck into baking a special first day of school afternoon tea – Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese and Lemon Frosting, then we pottered around the garden before getting dirty enough that he could justify a bath with his little baby brother before lunch and a nap.

The boys’ nap time was spent sorting through six weeks worth of mail and paper work that had been put aside and phoning various agencies making appointments and the like for myself and the children.

In the morning a hot topic of conversation amongst the mothers dropping children off was whether or not they were ready for the holidays to end. The question was answered and posed to me on several occasions. I hadn’t really given it much thought. I certainly wasn’t hanging out to “get rid” of my children, I have enjoyed spending so much time with them but at the same time I am ready for the indulgence to end and some structure and routine to return. I suppose I thought the holidays were just right. I do wonder though why so many mothers were pre-occupied with the question. After all it is what it is.  I was surprised when some mothers claimed that they did not want the holidays to end – really I thought? How much money and energy do you have? I was equally astonished by mothers that couldn’t wait for the holidays to end.

I must say that whilst the holiday was “just right” I was super keen to pick my babes up from school and find out how they went. As soon as the boys woke from the nap we started getting ready to go and pick E. and M. up. We were one of the first cars there – we’re never one of the first people arriving for afternoon pickup. They both came bounding out of their classrooms happy and keen to go back the next day. Relief. My darling Ms. M had even earned herself a sticker for packing up and other good behaviours. She was so proud of herself which makes me feel so pleased (and proud).

virtù - earning a sticker

Needless to say we got stuck into the cupcakes O. and I had made earlier. Then it was straight into the pool. Awesome. Pure first day back at school delight.  We  were all laughing, splashing around all happy and excited. There was so much news being shared from the day.

Being the first day of school neither child was assigned homework (rightly so) yet both kids assigned themselves some writing and reading tasks. Personally on so many levels I am against homework (other than reading) being assigned for young children but I was so chuffed to see them so enthusiastic about their learning and enjoying it so much that they wanted more after the school day had concluded.

A+ for day one 2014. 


  1. OH that's lovely. Terrific first day picture. & the cupcakes are a great idea. That's great that it went so well for both & that they were willing to do more. That's great. Well done on your sticker Miss M. Good job Mummy on being one of the first there for pick up! Yes, it will be interesting to see what homework comes this way. Won't be impressed. Like you, reading good. Always. But that's it. Here's to an A+ second day!

  2. Awesome! These last few posts of your have reminded me what it was like when I was a kid haha. Love it.

    I agree about homework (besides reading) - I generally thought that it should really just be given if the student didn't finish their work in class and the time given was reasonable enough for them to finish it in (ie they were talking too much to get their work done - needless to say, I got plenty of this kind of homework when I was a kid haha).

  3. oh wow that sounds like a great first day at school! hope it's the first of many great days!

  4. So glad they all had great back to school days. I must let my little girl see your post because she will want to know why she doesn't get back to school fairy cakes. And Im with you - it is what it is - my wee one was so ready to get back to school.

  5. How lovely that they both enjoyed the first day. I hope it continued until the end of the week! Well done to M for being a good helper at pack away time. Hope O and A are enjoying a bit more one on one Mama time and that you are also enjoying the bit of quiet during nap times!

  6. Don't they look smart.....yes right amount of holidays i think too....sounds like it was all plain sailing for your first day...hope this is the pattern for the remainder of the year for you. xxx


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