Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{bedside} pink on the sticks and a book to start

virtù - bedside - pink on the sticks and a book to startvirtù - bedside - Tim Wintonvirtù - bedside - pink stitches

This coming weekend is a long one for those of us on the left hand side of the continent. The pink pullover that I’m knitting up for M. could very well be finished by the other side at the pace I’m going, but “coulds” don’t always turn into “have dones”. Time will tell.  The biggest obstacle en route to the finish line is Tim Winton’s Dirt Music. I’ve been wanting to read this text for sometime and is my choice for the book club that I attend with other mothers from my children’s school.  I adore Tim Winton’s writing so much. I can’t imagine there will ever be a novel that I could love more than Cloudstreet. Tonight I finished watching the first season of Breaking Bad so with any luck I’ll steal a moment or two tomorrow to get started on it.

What are you reading at the moment? Or planning to start soon?


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  1. Is Cloudstreet really that good? I have it. Tried to start it one time...
    I love your knitting! Looking forward to seeing it finished in the next week or so then! It's pretty!

  2. I have just started The Book Thief.....never read any Tim winton....perhaps I should give him ago. Xxx

  3. I love what's on your needles right now! And I'm currently reading "The Art of Fielding" for our book club (and don't recommend it) :)


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