Tuesday, February 25, 2014

last week

virtù - last week's flowersvirtù - last week's flowers (2)virtù - last week's flowers (3)

Last week the nights were hot. Last week none of my boys slept well. Last week our bed was full, there was lots of tossing and turning and sleeplessness. Last week I inhabited a space between awake and asleep most nights. Last week was hazy, there are vague memories of vivid dreams: a friend I haven’t seen for a while crowned Queen of Australia wearing a bikini and throwing a beach ball at the Sochi winter Olympic games.

Last week, I celebrated seventeen years with my man. Last week, I woke from one of those hot crowded nights and saw beautiful yellow flowers on my dresser. Last week, on our anniversary we went to the hospital to debrief baby Ace’s birth with the Medical Director of Obstetrics. Last week, walking to the appointment on a baking hot day I was immersed in an eerily quiet bubble, time slowed down and small details of the day were  flashing into my consciousness’ despite being acutely aware that it was business as usual in the world around me. Last week, I developed a clearer understanding of the events surrounding baby Ace’s birth.

This week, time continues on.


  1. Happy Anniversary! 17 years, that's so lovely. Pity you had to spend it rehashing difficult memories but a clearer understanding of the whole event is most likely a good thing, yes?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like last week as utterly exhausting! Hope this one is a bit more upbeat :)

  3. That was a week filled with lots of emotion...happy anniversary and glad you had time to process the things that way heavy. x

  4. Can you believe it's almost March? How does this happen? Time flies by, Time slows down, sometimes I have absolutely no idea what day it is!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary. & a coincidence maybe that you had to do what you did that day but I hope it has some healing for you in any trauma you may still feel from it all.
    Hugs to you & all your little ones. The heat is rotten for sleeping... Hope it cools for you soon so you yourself can sleep well to stay capable.


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