Tuesday, February 11, 2014

sitting down with a cuppa

virtù - knitting for Mae while Ace playsvirtù - Ace on my camp blanketvirtù - perhaps teething soon

Tuesdays are supposed to be a ‘quiet’ day around these parts. Two big(ish) children at school and the toddler at daycare Tuesday are a day for me and the babe to catch our breath for a couple of hours. Sounds so good in theory. The reality is me catching up on washing and other jobs. Last Tuesday was the first “quiet” day following the school holidays, I’d envisaged just relaxing and hanging out but of course a baby still has needs and I had quite underestimated how much time I would spend online catching  up on a month’s worth of banking and then on the phone arranging all the appointments and meetings I’d been putting off through the holidays. In a single day the calendar for February had gone from empty to choc-full.

Today though, well today there have been precious moments sitting outside, my little Ace rolling around on the blanket – grunting and moaning as he tries to propel his body around – as I sit with a cuppa and knit. Raja venturing outside to play with the yarn and climb one of the olive trees. A fresh yet light breeze rustling leaves and birds singing their chorus’s over the faint noise of distant traffic. Precious tranquillity.


  1. awww... he's getting so big so fast! & some pink knitting too! Lovely! Ahhh... some peace & quietish!

  2. naw, look how adorable he is!
    and that rug is super cool too!
    what are you knitting up?

  3. How lovely!!i wish you lived closer so we could hang and wool love together!

  4. Hello Sally,

    Enjoying time with one when you have a few is always good. Love that rug of memories.

    Happy days.

  5. Oh man sounds so blissful! What a nice way to spend the day :)

  6. How lovely! Sounds like exactly what you need. Hopefully there are a couple more like that, free from appointments as well. Love that last photo of A. He's getting so big! Must catch up. Soon!!

  7. Fantastic blanket, I would hang that on my wall, great boys room deco.


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