Saturday, February 1, 2014

summer holidays

School goes back next week. It’s official, I survived the summer holidays – my first with four children. There were some hard days and lots and lots of fun ones. Busy just doesn’t describe it.  

virtù - ace hanging out as the rest of the mob splash about in the surfvirtù - bbq virtù - alpacavirtù - berry pickingvirtù - big tree virtù - canoeingvirtù - dinner at the parkvirtù - hanging out at the beachvirtù - vacswimvirtù - discoveryvirtù - tree climbingvirtù - homemade milkshakesvirtù - beach fun virtù - playing at the playgroundvirtù - tourist attractions virtù - swimming in the ocean virtù - sandpit playvirtù - splashing virtù - riding our bikesvirtù - road trips

Summer loving indeedy.


  1. Wow, a massive set of pics! But love them... Is Miss M nearly as tall as E?
    O is looking so much more grown up! Wow! Beach tent - cool. Lego shirt - cool! Beach looks divine! Love the car in the tree pic! That is awesome! Lovely summer. Good luck with school!

  2. Man - this looks sooooo summery!!!

  3. All those wonderful adventures. Looks like it was a brilliant one!

  4. Love your family pics...glad to see you had so many adventures too. xxx Happy Back to school today. xx


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