Sunday, March 16, 2014


ace - kicking backebe - my thinkermae - writing on her Dada's birthday cardode - enchanted with his Dada's birthday candles   

a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


kicking back – baby is ace sure is one laid back baby, even with two teeth threatening to break through any day now. It is perhaps only a matter of weeks now until he will be too big for his bassinet.

thinker – this boy of mine has a mind that just doesn’t seem to stop. There is always something going on in there.

Dada’s girl – mae writes a long message on her father’s birthday card. Devoted to her Dada she really really wanted it to be special, her message was full of love.

my birthday? – Ode hussled in on his Dada’s birthday cake candle action, it was ablaze.


Joining in with Jodi.


  1. Beautiful children! I especially like the photo of Mae (and her name!). You can really tell how serious she was about that message.

  2. Yes, E sure is a thinker. This shows that for sure... plus he looks so grown up in this!
    I love how M is writing her name... Just love watching the progress of that.
    & you go O, but hard to blow out candles with a mouth full!
    A is just a cool dude! Very blessed with his easy care free ways...

  3. Gorgeous...and how big is your little guy. Birthdays are for sharing are they not????


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