Sunday, March 30, 2014


mae - wears a balloon on her head (as you do)ebe - my scientistode - not feeling wellace - a book in hand

a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


mae – wears a balloon on her head … as one does.

ebe – my budding scientist – he’s been learning about mixtures at school and makes his own at home

ode – snuggles in my bed to watch telly when he doesn’t feel well

ace – has a book in hand


Joining in with Jodi.


A quarter of the year gone already, here are some portraits of taken with my mobile phone – just a bit of fun really – and yet they provide such lovely insights into the most special  people in my life.

my mob

1. ebe a Freo supporter   2. mae getting her hair cut   3. ode LOVES cups of tea   4. ace takes it all in


  1. Great shots ....why not wear a balloon on your head?

  2. Love both sets! But I really don't know how M can stand all the hair in her eyes! I would be brushing it out constantly - don't you as the mother? lol

  3. Awww these are great pictures! Love them all!!

  4. Ooh the colours! I love them all! Your photos are always amongst my favourites from each week's 52 project.


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