Saturday, March 1, 2014

dino busting

I know! I know! To be over dinosaur prints when I still have two sons yet to reach the age of three is a bit premature. Still these prints have been in the stash since the first boy was three, so that makes four years now and between you and me I just wanted to use them up.

virtù - baby Ace has found his feet

Baby Ace has been the big winner. I’ve made him some shorts and pants. I’m pretty sure there are some hand-me-down dino pants in the same fabric ready for O. I’ve just got to remember where I stored them in the shed. E is a bit old for novelty prints of this nature now. *sob*

virtù - dino pants

If it was a leap year baby Ace would be five months today. Of course I guess he is still technically five months old, but there isn’t an actual anniversary… does that make sense or am I giving away how sleep deprived I am (oh and don’t feel sorry for me … own doing on this occasion – a bit hooked on Breaking Bad  just now. That wee hours of the morning “just one more episode” syndrome).

virtù - feet up

At five months baby Ace is rolling around and around trying to get to where he wants to be. Gone are the days when he could be put down and found in the same place some time later. He has found his toes and feet and gurgles and chatters away.

virtù - nearly too big for the bassinet on his pramvirtù - Ace kicks back in his dino shorts

I know that I thought time flew past with baby #3, but the speed that it is racing past at this time round with baby #4 is just ridiculous. I suppose in some ways it is an indicator of how much fun where all having. Time tends to trod slowly when life is tough, so in that sense it is a blessing. I’m struggling though to keep it all in, to absorb every moment and lap it up.

Focusing on being in the moment is a priority for me. It’s a tricky balance being in the here and now whilst also organising four children’s schedules. A metaphorical tight rope if you will.

 virtù - a dino pillow for E

E. scored a dino pillowcase using the same material I made his kindy backpack and school library bag with.  The purple material is a poly-cotton that was accidentally purchased – I don’t know why or when but I was determined to use it up.  I am thinking that making pillowcases might very well end up being a go-to stash busting project. Quick, useful, and packs a nice punch to the stash supplies. Win!!!

virtù - dino pillow for EBonus, E. loves it. I had been a bit fearful that he’d be over this particular dino print just like I am. Apparently not. Apparent the purple is perfect too… but I suppose that isn’t as surprising since he’s a bit of a Freo man.

Do you have material in your stash that you’re a bit over or bored with? Got a great stash-busting project?


  1. I love all of your gorgeous dino print creations it is lovely to have little ones to create with cute fabric. I have lots of little bit of fabric that aren't really big enough to make something large maybe a patchwork creation although I have some fabric that I've cut and pinned to make a quilt for Miss 10 that I must get cracking on otherwise she will be too big to enjoy:( I think I shall do some tonight you are inspiring me to get to it:) x

  2. Love your work! You never imagined that when you bought that fabric that you would be making something for baby no. 4 I bet! Pillow case is a terrific idea!

  3. Pillow cases! Brilliant idea! Thank you! Baby Ace is sooooo gorgeous!

  4. Thought I'd come on and catch up on the pillowcases you guys were talking about today and here I see you I have 6 unread posts of yours. 6!! Clearly I've been out of the blog loop for a week or two. I have that green dinosaur fabric that you made Ace's shorts out of. Goodness knows why I bought it. It hasn't been used. Terrible.


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