Thursday, March 20, 2014

goofy brother time

virtù - skateboard shorts for my little boysvirtù - skateboard shorts for my little boys (2)virtù - skateboard shorts for my little boys (3)virtù - skateboard shorts for my little boys (4)

My boys goofing around together in their Mama made skateboard shorts. They sure do have fun together – the littlest very tolerant of his older brother’s play style. So sweet. From the moment little Ace was born there has been an incredibly strong bond between them, O very possessive and protective of his young sibling. I watch them sharing jokes, glances, a common understanding.

The drill skateboard fabric was purchased before O. was conceived – the original intention to make some shorts for E. These shorts were started last year before summer, but one thing or another has prevented them from getting finished. Finally ticked of the list.

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  1. Oh the bond between siblings is so so precious isn't it? Gorgeous boys and great pants too! thanks for linking - great to have you along!

  2. yay! Another one bites the dust! & the boys are looking awesome in their new pants! Great pic! A looks so happy to be playing too!

  3. They are both super cute...the shorts and the boys xxxx


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