Monday, March 10, 2014

happy hands

virtù - cherry dress & happy hands

The stash busting continues in these parts. A fat quarter of some cherry material and a load of green cotton homespun that I bought with the intention of making surgical dress-ups. I did make some doctors dress-up for the mob ages ago but still had a handsome amount left over. Finally it has been used up. Managed to use up some buttons and small pieces of lace from the stash too. Feeling good about using things and wondering why I “save” them in the first place.

The dress is made using an Ottobre pattern, the same pattern I used to make her second birthday dress. It seems like a lifetime ago and yet only yesterday. How can that be? 

At five years old my little M. is perfecting her “happy hands” pose!  And those pink ballet flats, worn out and almost out grown – she prances and dances and spins and twirls her way through the day. Happy.


  1. That's a fabulous dress! Well done on making it & using up more stash too! Yay!

  2. Very sweet.

    I too am trying to stash bust this year. Especially those gorgeous little girl fabrics. Soon my "little" girl wont want such cutesy fabrics.

  3. I love a really love style for her. Xxx

  4. Happy hands and happy face. What a sweet dress.

  5. Such a. Gorgeous dress!!buthow??when?? How??

  6. Love this dress, I will have to chase down the pattern I reckon.


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