Tuesday, March 18, 2014

in preparation

virtù - pink chunky rolled neck sweater

A pink chunky jumper for my Ms. M ready for the colder months. I’m quite chuffed with myself for having this ready before the wintery seasons begin. Also pretty stoked that I was mindful enough to knit it up in a size worthy to grow into. No chance of it being modelled by M. just yet though (it looks a bit distorted on the adult sized hanger), the weather is still too warm for it. There are signs of changing seasons though, colder mornings and evenings.

Loving this pattern so much. Last year I knitted one (sans pocket) for my big boy, now I am starting to dream of one more for little O. No new yarn though, I’m stash busting yarn too!



  1. that's awesome! You have come such a long way with your knitting!

  2. Ooh that looks great!!! Well done!

  3. Looks fab & the pink pocket is the cutest!

  4. That is great. And well done you for getting knitting done BEFORE winter! I dream about that! ;)


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