Monday, March 31, 2014

just a minute… in March

A busy month, celebrating my partner Dave’s birthday and enjoying summer’s last hurrah before the equinox and change of season. Now at the end of the month the kiddos are all taking their turns at being ill. Coughs, mucus, snot, tiredness and crankiness abounds. The cooler weather has bought a sense of relief too.

virtù - a sweet gift virtù - O water play at school pick up virtù - siblings having fun together

Listening: to the footy on the “wireless”. Well I’m not actively doing that, nor do I refer to the radio as the “wireless” – that’s my partner’s old man terminology - but now that the footy season is under way there is that familiar chatter and call of the game in the background of most spaces, inside and out, on a weekend. Also been listening to the occasional podcast here and there. I like listening to chatter on the radio – All Things Considered  and Life Matters are my traditional favourites but I have been trying to listen to new shows.


Watching: The HBO TV series Girls. It is cringe worthy, but even so I am enjoying it. I can so relate to it, from a time in my life that now seems so long ago. Watching it I realise just how old I’ve become. It is not simply a bitter realisation – growing old is better than the alternative, and watching these insecure girls making their way through their twenties allows me to appreciate that I have indeed become more self assured. Not entirely – I am still wracked with self doubt – but in other ways and I suppose at least I can now recognise it. There is more to ponder here… maybe I’ll be able to formulate my thoughts better when I start watching season 2.

Knitting: Finished a chunky pink jumper for M and started another pink sweater her in a stash busting effort. Also started knitting wash cloths in response to this request. Trying not to hang out too often in Ravelry – so many great knits I want to add to my queue…

a top for me

Sewing:  Actually finished sewing a top for myself this month. I started this project as the summer started in 2012 and then stopped with just the next binding to attach… and then it sat and sat for over a year. Granted I was tired pregnant and then with a new baby, but even still that must set some sort of record for slow progress. I love the colour, love the butterfly pattern but pretty much hate the polyester material. It just doesn’t breathe. I’ve never bought material like this before, but it was an impulse buy – heavily reduced at Spotty. Also finished off some shorts for the boys, a dress for the girl and a quilt. reading dirt music at the beach

Reading: Dirt Music by Tim Winton at the beach; old fashioned newspapers – the ones printed on paper to show my children what they are before they become extinct; and Strawberry Shortcake Phonics Readers with M. who is super enthusiastic about learning to read. virtù - baby snails in the garden

Gardening:  There was a council verge collection this month. Lots and lots of cleaning out the shed and tidying up the garden. Found these baby snails on the bottom of a geranium leaf. They’re super small. It left me wondering how snails are born. Haven’t googled it yet. But it is fascinating that they start out so small, their shells translucent like. Not a fan of snails in my garden though, drowning by beer is my favoured solution. Leave a bit of beer out in a take away container at night, at least they get to have a party before their demise.

virtù - shell hunting in the waters

Playing: At the beach. I’ve come to notice that our family actually spends quite a bit of time at the beach. We had our last swim for the summer on Dave’s birthday. I knew at the time it would be our last swim, it is commonly hot on his birthday and then in just the few weeks until my own the season changes. E. was dunked a proper for the first time by a decent wave, head bashed into the sand, chin grazed with gravel rash and what he regards as a near death experience. There were many declarations about him never ever ever swimming at the beach again, but a couple days later and he conceded that perhaps he would one day swim in the ocean again. He’ll have to wait to the next summer now. We have been to the beach since, on a mission to collect shells as part of a school assignment. O found it a challenge to stay out of the waves and not get wet.

virtù - last swim of the summer

So how has March been for you?

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  1. Where to begin... Love the pics of the little 'uns... Great job knitting & love the wash cloth story. Far out, we really are so naive in this country aren't we! But yes, what a great cause. I will whip some up... or rather, might pull some out ready to go. lol Will have to check for dark ones.
    Great job sewing your top. Looks great! Love the beach stories... you will all miss the swims.
    Tiny snails! Yes, how are they born? No time for a google now though.
    Love it. Might just have to do this later on even though it's April today!

  2. Wow great catchup! Love your creations and great top! Lots of awesome pcitures! As for Girls... I've just finished season 3 i think... I cringe cringe cringe but still watch it... There are so many perks to being older! Hope you have a lovely April x

  3. Now I'm curious about how snails are born too. Off to google after this! Love this collection of pictures. Your littlest one is so cute. How old is he? He looks similar age to mine (6 months)?

  4. I love reading your monthly catch ups. Did you enjoy dirt music? I loved it, found it very hard to put down.


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