Wednesday, April 30, 2014

just a minute … in April

Winter is upon us. Not awfully cold just yet, there was a defiant last stand mid-month with temperatures reaching 35°C but now there is certainly a chill in the air, and it is well and truly dark by six o’clock. By seven at night I am ready to crawl into bed thinking that it must be past half eight. The coughs and colds that started at the end of March are still with us, I myself sound like a barking dog, coughing so hard that my ribs ache and my eyes feel like they could, at any second, pop right out of my head. Gastro has visited the household too, M. vomited as she got off the train en route to her first ever AFL footy match at Subiaco oval. The mad North Melbourne supporter that she is battled through to the final siren to see her team victorious over her older brother’s Dockers. O also fell to the bug and now at the close of the month it is my turn. I feel like absolute shit.

Despite being plagued with illness there have been some good times too. April is the month for Easter and school holidays after all.

virtù - ace 7 mnths old

Listening…  to Belinda Carlise’s greatest hits in the car. Ms. M just loves it. Heaven is a place on Earth her current favourite song of all time. She’d listen to just that song over and over and over if the rest of us would let her.

Watching… up to the third season of Girls now. Plodding along when I get the chance, knitting as I watch. Progress has slowed as I struggle to stay awake or nurse a sick child. Still enjoying it though. Dave continues to watch Breaking Bad but I’ve had to give it away. It is just to violent for me at the moment. Too dark. At the end of every episode Dave recounts to me what happened and I am enjoying that rather a lot.  During the week I’ve been watching my fair share of footy shows, and on the weekend the AFL is regularly on, well whatever is airing on free-to-air anyway. I like to curl up on the couch and knit during the footy, I don’t watch it that closely, but I like the background noise and then the replays of exciting things that have happened. At the beginning of the month I took the kids to The Lego Movie with the money that my grandmother sent me for my birthday. We went all out and each had a choc-top, a drink and a big fancy tin of pop corn. Learnt my lesson re: the drinks – two toilet breaks at the end of the movie leaves me a little in doubt as to how it all ended.

Sewing… I finished a skirt that I started a long time ago, but not a lot of sewing going on really. Determined to change this for the month of May.

Knitting… a jumper for O. (to be blogged soon)

Crocheting…  finally picked up the squares from a CAL long long ago and started joining them. Slowly slowly. Pleased that I finally picked up a hook again. I do LOVE crochet.

virtù - easter eggsvirtù - ode loving the chocolate virtù - Holly from Ben and Hollyvirtù - scootering

Playing… lots during the school holidays. We went to the Dinosaur exhibition at the Museum, took an adventure to Legde Point with my parents, and had an Easter egg hunt of course. We got out the paints to create fine artworks and the building of the tree house continued. Rode the scooter a lot too, and had a few impromptu picnics. M attended a North Melbourne footy skills clinic which was awesome. So awesome to see so many girls. She had a great time.

virtù - the wound.

Mending… from having a skin cancer removed from my forehead. Quite the wound and a damn awful headache too. Healing slowly though, the good news is that my dermatologist removed all of the cancer before it had spread. YAY! Couple of yucky days there when my mind got the better of me and I was thinking of my four beautiful cherubs growing up without me. A few tears shed just thinking about it. I am so grateful to have been given the all clear.

virtù - mega grasshopper high in the branches of the orange tree

Gardening… planted a bougainvillea next to the pool fence for a pop of vibrant colour. M choose it at the garden shop – a very deep pink. Should be good. The oranges on are ripening… so a vitamin C hit is coming our family’s way. Just what the doctor ordered. Saw the most freakishly humungous grasshopper in the tree. Ahhhh!!!

Reading… Jonathon Tropper’s This is where I leave you. Enjoying it. Been absent reading blogs. Too much juggling going on and that ball got dropped. Praying for a quiet and healthy weekend coming where I can park myself somewhere, hopefully in the sun, and catch up.

So how about you? April been good?

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  1. My goodness look at that chocolate beard! Seriously! Note to self: Easter egg hunt to be done in the nude when children arrive.

    What a rought trot you've had getting sick during school holidays! Hopefully everyone, including you, is on the mend now. Gastro is the worst. Those oranges need to ripen quick smart to be ready to ward of the next round of bugs now that school is back. How scary for you with the skin cancer. Very good news that the doctor managed to get it all. Waiting is such an anxiety causing occasion. Why do we imagine these sorts of horrible situations? I saw a meme recently with a day in the life of a man vs a woman. In the man's world, there is four lines of smiley faces. In the woman's there is every single emoticon possible repeated over four lines. So true.


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