Friday, May 9, 2014

a blue one this time

virtù - ice blue chunky rolled neck jumper for odevirtù - ice blue chunky rolled neck jumper - unacceptable without a hoodie

Another chunky rolled jumper knitted. This time a blue one for my Ode. At first it was completely unacceptable to him. You’d think I was torturing him, rugging him up in a bundle of soft luxury ply wool on a freezing cold morning, his facial expressions said it all. It would not do. No hoodie equates to no wear in his book. 

virtù - ice blue chunky rolled neck jumper - will be tolerated due to the pocket

That was until his grandmother demonstrated the hands all the way through-hold them in the middle feature of the pocket. Then said jumper was tolerated for the cold morning… but not worn since.


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  1. it looks deliciously warm and snuggly! man kids are funny... you just never know what will make the cut or not do you? Thanks for linking up Sally! :)

  2. love the colour. Two of mine still wear knitted stuff at 10/13 yrs - good old scouts!

  3. He looks so cute in both expressions! Did he find it itchy or was it just the lack of the hood? I still find it difficult to wear wool against bare skin, even a very soft merino cardigan I bought still manages to itch my arms so it is for Winter wearing only when I already have long sleeves on underneath it.


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