Saturday, May 3, 2014

knits for babe

virtù - teal hooded baby cozy

Bless. A sleeping baby. I knitted this teal hooded baby cozy last year, started just before Ace joined us on the outside and finished before he was a month old. I knitted the 3-6mnth size knowing that I was likely to have a large baby (but not expecting him to be quite as large as he was at 4.44kg) and wondering how much use it would get through the Perth summer.

With our hot climate in mind I chose a bamboo yarn. So silky and light weight. I really do adore bamboo. At seven months he still  fits inside, comfortable and cozy. It hasn’t had as much use as I’d have liked, mainly because there is no hole for a car capsule or pram belt. Being the youngest child this baby boy is transferred from cot to car to pram time and time again. Dressing and undressing him from a cozy is just an extra step that can be easily done away with. This was the largest size the pattern offered but now heading into winter I am toying with the idea of playing around to knit a larger one with said handy hole so that he can be rugged up on the school run early in the morning.

virtù - sleeping soundly

Hooded baby cozy ravelled.

Poor baby Ace sports a bruise on his head in these shots – evidence of his toddler brother’s increasingly rough play. In this particular incident a rather large and heavy toy was spun out of control by O and “accidentally” collided with his baby brother’s face. “Accidentally” in that very testing the boundaries kind of way. Hmmm. I’ve been here before, twice, I know this phase will pass. Despite the skills I’ve collected along the way it can be overwhelming to assist in the management of so many little people’s tricky feelings.

Back to knitting, little Ace finally fits into a hat that was suppose to be for him as a newborn, hence the development of my own version. At seven months his head circumference is a good ten centimetres bigger than it was at birth.

virtù - ace uber cute wears his hat

Not so wee Willie Winky hat ravelled.

Planning to make the small lad a red and white hat soon in the hope that one of my babe’s will join me and be a Swannies supporter. The eldest looks like he is now set on Freo and  the girl is a mad keen Kangas supporter. Little Ode is up for grabs but his older siblings are constantly in his ear. I think my little Ace could be my best bet.


  1. LOVE the baby cozy! I'd say a big yes to knitting another one in the bigger size with a slot for the seat belt & maybe a zip that opens both ends for nappy changing too..
    Bubba Joe hurt baby Laney once, he felt so bad that he cried more than the baby!!!

  2. That baby cozy just made me ovulate.

  3. That cozy is simply adorable - oh my goodness! Testing boundaries... so tricky, never easy... Hope it passes super soon!

  4. Wow you have come a long way with your knitting. Well done. Love that hat pic!


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