Sunday, May 11, 2014

mother’s day

mother's day 2014

‘Twas a lovely day in these parts today. Bright and sunny, a complete turnabout to the rainy and grey days before. A perfect day to get out and have a picnic. We headed to a little spot we discovered on the Swan River a couple of weeks back. Playground equipment, skate-park, bike path, lovely grassed areas and gorgeous shady trees. Perfect spot for us and our scooters.

Dave made a beautiful lunch. Zucchini slice with roast vegetable and couscous salad. Apple and cinnamon muffins and a packet of lindt chocolates. Yummo. We all enjoyed sitting by the river munching away – all but poor ol’ E who was feeling rather poorly and didn’t feel much like eating. He had his bursts of energy where he’d go off and make friends with other children around, but then he’d fade out again for a bit. He’s awesome like that, the way he just walks up to other kids and makes friends. He’s always done it. As soon as he could talk he was off making friends with other kids at playgrounds.

Little O was pretty impressive today too. Holding his own on his scooter on the skate park, two-years old and mixing it with the big kids and young adults doing there thing. I was ultra impressed. Meanwhile M appreciates a good picnic and was never very far away from the food. She is so much like her father in that way. On the mother’s day card that she made at school she pretty much listed all the foodie treats that I give her as the reasons that she loves me. Chocolates, cakes and icy poles are the key to this little girl’s heart.

Baby Ace played so happily on the picnic blanket. Sitting up so proud chewing on his roll and admiring the seagulls. Then he was off commando crawling all over the lawn. He’s getting pretty fast these days and always keen to explore.

Strange to think that I am a mother of four children. How did that happen? Ok… I know how it technically happened – but how do I find myself here now the mother of four gorgeous babes??? It just doesn’t feel real sometimes. I still don’t necessarily feel like a “Mum”. What does a “mum” feel like? Ok – I’ve probably got the tired and exhausted and worrying a lot bit down pat, but the rest of it I’m not so sure. I am certainly fumbling my way through this. I just hope with all my heart I don’t fuck ‘em up too badly.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day - happy mothers day! yup, i reckon most of us just make it up as we go and hope for the best x

  2. Gorgeous photo of you and your brood of gorgeous little ones. Ahh being a mother one day when you think you have it figured out they go and do something and you have all this learning still to do. Yes I do hope that the love there far out ways any of the mistakes made:) Happy Mother's day to you. xx

  3. You are the best mum I know! I wanna grow up to be just like you ;) I love how calm you are with your kids and how you explain and reason with them. I make little notes in my head to explain things that way one day in the future.

    Picnics are great, it looks like you had a lovely day out. I love Ode in that photo, doesn't he look sweet.

  4. oh sally, you are so awesome! always making me chuckle.
    glad you had a fab day!


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