Sunday, June 8, 2014


ace - coming for the camera strap ode - singerebe - cautiously having a good timemae - a puppy dog

a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


ace – moves quickly, the camera strap in his sights

ode – sings and makes music at the park

ebe – cautiously has fun

mae – enjoys pretending to be a puppy


Joining in with Jodi.


Anyone else a bit sick and tired of taking portraits of their children? Love them as I do I am finding capturing their images a bit tedious. Might have to think of a way to liven it up this week. I need to mix it up a bit in order to keep my interest (and no doubt yours) … ideas?


  1. Perhaps a group shot? Or some black and white shots? Sleeping shots? They always look so sweet asleep!

    Cohen went through the pretending to be a puppy stage too! xx

  2. Love your pics as usual.
    Yes a bit over it!
    What is it with the puppy thing? I have 2 human puppies... lol

  3. Awesome pics - really! No not over it but I guess for me I am learning learning learning so much about light and shots and photography in general and I enjoy the learning experience. and I really love it when I get a shot that I think is the bees knees! I'm sure you'll think of a way to liven it up! We have cats - lots of human cats around here...


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