Friday, June 6, 2014

{bedside} a queen’s sister, hand sewing and a leaf with a face

virtù - my bedside virtù - on my bedside - the other Boleyn girl, a leaf and some handsewing

There is a baby monitor on my bedside table. It hasn’t actually been used that much of late because my little Ace seems to have developed the notion that I am in fact a human dummy. He has been incredibly difficult to settle unless he is attached to my breast. All in all I’m ok with it. He needs to be close to me – rather flattering I suppose – at the start of the evening anyway. By the wee hours of the morning I am less flattered. Still, being a human dummy, I am left with one hand free to read and currently I am well and truly stuck into Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl, well I was – but maybe not so much now?!

I am pretty familiar with this period in history. One of my favourite books and films when I was a teenage was Lady Jane. What’s not to love about quirky Helena Bonham Carter and a good costume drama? I remember reading historical fiction about Mary and Elizabeth and I’ve watched countless movies and tv series, including The Tudors which I watched when I was pregnant with O.  I studied Elizabethan and Jacobean drama at uni so it certainly is a period of time that I have  interest in. I’ve not read one of Gregory’s novels before though, and I must say that initially I found the idea of focussing on Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary fascinating. Her predicaments are enthralling, but now as I am reaching the end it is more and more about Anne and as such the plot really has only one way to end. The story of her life is so well known. My interest is the novel is fading as I cringe and put-off the inevitable conclusion. 

There is some hand sewing that I’ve been working on when I do have both arms and hands free, a little something that I intended to make for the littlest boy ages and ages ago and yet have only just started. It should be finished soon enough, if I don’t get distracted by something else. That’s a pretty big “if” really. Distracted seems to be my natural stated of being.

The leaf with the toothy grin? That’s a gift from the eldest child. Can’t recall it’s significance just now. A little token of his love for me all the same. There no doubt was a very detailed and long winded explanation offered with the gift but there is so much information coming my way from that child that after a while it does start to getting a bit muddled in this rather limited, in comparison, mind of mine. Very frustrating for the child of course, I must remember to apologise to him in advance regarding the state of things to come when my mind develops a truer form of dementia.*

… and as for minds wondering off I can’t help pondering the recurring idea of how Anne Boleyn and the Tudor court would have handled social media? Such thoughts can preoccupy me at length.

What’s on your bedside? Had any recurring wonderings? What’s your favourite costume drama?


* I did download the BrainyApp so perhaps there is some hope for me!?


  1. Gosh, my bedside table is piled high with unread books (I just counted 9 of them), an odd baby sock, scissors (?!), baby monitor, lipbalm, footrub, elastic band, dust & a bottle of water!

  2. mine has nothing on it!
    not by choice though... #jerkcat knocks everything off in early morning fit of rage as i'm too busy sleeping to give him pats/food/both.
    he's a charmer!

  3. I am laughing at the thought of the Tudor dynasty on social media! Geez, wouldn't that be a disaster.


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