Thursday, June 19, 2014

big sister sweater

virtù - my darling sweet girl

My sweet girl in her Big Sister Sweater.

virtù - big sister sweater (3)

Poor sweet girl. She’s been having a bit of a hard time of it lately. She’s not enjoying school the way she used to. She’s been feeling a bit left out, telling me that one lunch time she just sat under the tree on her own because no one would play with her. Apparently lots of the children in her class have colds at the moment, and one of her classmates, that happens to also be our next door neighbour, told everyone that they all caught their colds from my girl and it was all her fault. According to M. the children won’t play with her because they don’t want to get sick.

Breaks my heart. I’m so proud of her though. She is so resilient, trying to be anyhow.

virtù - big sister sweater (2)

Today her Dada bought her some pretty hankies (his idea). Tonight I embroidered her name on them. We’re hoping that it is a little bit of pretty to cheer her up. Something to keep with her in her pocket, a reminder of how much we love her.

virtù - the big sister with odevirtù - the big sister with ace

This girl of mine is an amazing big sister. She is an awesome little sister too. She cares for all her brothers. She shares with them, plays with them, thinks of them, laughs with them. They all love her so much too. We all do.



Playing along with Leonie.


  1. Oh, the poor poppet! Hope she gets better soon & is back on track with school asap!

  2. Schoolyard shenanigans is so hard to watch when your child is the one bearing the brunt of unkind actions. I hope she regains her enthusiasm for school, there's a few years yet to go! Beautiful jersey, and she models it so well.

  3. OH poor sweet girl. It is heart breaking to have your child deal with issues like that so young.
    The jumper however is awesome! Well done!

  4. So sad for your precious girl- humans can be so mean. Hope she cheers up soon!

  5. Agh Kids can be so mean! gorgeous girl with a gorgeous jumper - well done you! There is nothing like a wonderful sweet big sister xx

  6. I love the boat neck on this jumper. Poor M, that is so sad. Kids can be so hurtful to each other. As someone who gets to see first hand what happens each day in the play ground, it really can be heartbreaking. I hope she gets her friendship groove back quick smart. Is this the girl next door I have already heard about?

  7. what a sweet idea with the hankies! and i LOVE that jumper! so cute, may need to whip it up in my size ;)
    hope those kids at school realise what they're missing out on, m looks like she'd be great fun to play with!


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