Friday, June 20, 2014

dropping off

virtù - green  yarn on sticks

These days getting the kids to school on time is challenging. I am not a morning person. I do not like mornings. Getting out of bed is hard work, especially in the dark and cold. Getting out of bed in the dark and cold after a night of disrupted sleep (is there any other kind?) is, well, bordering on the impossible. Let’s not think about my carbon footprint and water use once I finally make it to the shower. Today is the year’s shortest day. Hallelujah! It’s all onwards and upwards for the next six months. We made it. We’ve been making it to school eventually too. (And where is my merit certificate for that? We’re is my encouragement award? … or better still where is my cappuccino? Seriously why doesn’t someone park a coffee truck near the school at drop off time???)

My little Ode has been making it to school drop off with a toasty warm head too… thanks to the cute green hat I knitted up for him.

virtù - ode's winter morning hat being worn on a cold afternoonvirtù - ode's winter morning hat

This hat is all part of my acrylic yarn stash busting enterprise. I adore the shade of green. Ode loves it too. What’s not to love about a hat with two tassels? This hat pretty much lives in the car now, ready and waiting to be thrown on his head at the last minute on a cold morning.

It was super easy to knit. It’s knitted up flat, a short scarf folded in half and sewn together with mattress stitch. If you’re new to knitting you could really give it a go. If you’ve been knitting for ages and looking for something quick and easy you’d probably enjoy it too.




  1. Awesome ha t-> design and colour. Loving that fresh green at the moment and finished a similarly coloured hat for myself just last week.

    As sad as it is that our little ones grow up, with that comes, amongst other things, more nights of unbroken sleep.

    I have always considered myself a night owl but in the past 6 months, beacuse of changes to hubby's routine, I have been getting up early to walk before school prep on weekdays. And once I have physically gotten myself out of bed, I have to say that I love it. Still a night owl, though am appreciating the other end of the night too.

    Here's to longer days this year from here on in.

  2. I seriously like your coffee truck idea!

  3. that's a terrific hat! A terrific colour & looks so snuggly for him! & yes, I'm for the coffee truck at school too!

  4. What an awesome hat. I think it looks like it suits Ode perfectly. The colour is brilliant too. That first paragraph could have been written by me. Minus the children and the caffeine. It's so hard to get out of bed in the morning isn't it! Some days I am a bit later to school than I should be too. Oops. I've taken to having a shower in the evening instead during the Winter months. It means (a very small bit) less water usage and more sleep in time in the morning. Tomorrow I'm going to have my clothes lying next to me on the bed and I'm going to get dressed in bed!

  5. so happy to be over THAT hump for the year! it's a tough one to get over huh? here's to days getting longer, no matter how slowly.
    such an adorable hat too! simply and brilliant!


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