Monday, June 30, 2014

just a minute… in june

I am not naturally a winter person.

virtù - Ode made a snowman

I just can’t believe that it is the end of the month already. June has just flown by, I can’t believe we’re here at the end of the month already! And yet, some days this month just dragged on. It certainly hasn’t been an easy month in any regard, and I am certainly pleased to see the back of it.  My littlest babe ear infection from last month has now moved to the other ear. I am now starting to wonder if his silent reflux (resulting from his traumatic birth) has returned now that he is eating solids. Either way, there is not a lot of sleep in these parts, cracks are forming and some areas of life are falling apart. Thank goodness we’re on the other side of the winter solstice.

virtù - ode at Yo Gabba Gabbavirtù - Yo Gabba Gabba at Perth Converntion Centre

Listening…  to podcasts about Henry VIII including this one which I particularly enjoyed. Also went to the Yo Gabba Gabba live concert where O and I listened, sang along and danced to our favourite tunes.

the other boleyn girl

Watching… The Other Boleyn (2011). It didn’t really do Gregory’s novel justice but it wasn’t woeful. Condemned by faint praise much? Also watched seasons one to six of The Big Bang Theory – not because I am a huge fan of the show but because I have seen so many episodes on tele that I wanted to get an understanding of the episode order. It’s quiet an amusing show – certainly has been getting me through another tough month – there have been times when Dave and I have both found ourselves chuckling out loud.

the big bang theory

Sewing… Still not much. Too cold to sit and the machine when the cozy couch is such an inviting alternative. Even so I did finish piecing together a quilt top and have started hand-sewing some hexies which I am planning to sew on the backing.

virtù - in my accidental stocking hat

Knitting… Whilst I did manage to complete a couple of hats this month, the jumper I have almost finished for baby Ace still sits waiting for the final knitted rows, about three in fact, and yet it still sits in an unfinished state. There is no justifiable rationale.

virtù - a box of crocheted squares

Crocheting… After years of sitting in a box my CAL squares are finally being joined together. About time. Don’t hold your breath though – there is no finish line on the horizon yet.

virtù - celebrating Susie's birthday

Celebrating… my “grand-daughter” Susie’s birthday. June 9th is the special day in case your wondering.

virtù - riding our bikes

Playing… outside when ever we get the chance. Took only a handful of bike rides in June. Hoping to get a few more under our belt during the upcoming school holidays. Re-visited some parks that we hadn’t been to in a long long time this month. Indoors the little ones and I  started making story time at our local library a bit of a regular thang. My Ode is now at that age where he really gets something out of it while baby Ace seems to revel gazing at all the bigger children.

virtù - Ode at the library

So how about you? Has June been good to you? Are you a winter person or just trying to make it through to the warmer months?


  1. I LOVE Winter Sally!
    I also love that you celebrate Susie's birthday. That made me smile. You don't look half-bad for a Granny btw ;)

  2. Oh, Sal. Winter's extended darkness can be a drag, even without added stresses. Hope knowing that we are on the downhill slide helps a bit.

    A winter person. Hard to be anything else when you have been raised in Tasmania and 28 degrees in summer was "a scorcher" I have been in Adelaide over 20 years now and still can't bear its oppressive summer heat.

  3. A lovely post Sally - i hope July sees more sleep and less infections for you guys. and some sewing and crochet too.... oh and lots of smiles! I love the Big Bang - never fails to make me chuckle. :)


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