Saturday, June 7, 2014

my daughter the ‘character’

virtù - dressvirtù - dress & headband

Recently invited to a party I finally had the impetus to finish this dress for M. Started in the summer time there was no need to rush – I’ve learnt my lesson and now tend to make things to be grown into rather than wear straight away. I’m a slow finisher. Intended as a summer frock we decided that it would be best to wear a black shirt and leggings underneath – for practical reasons like warmth. Okay, okay – maybe I decided that it would be better, M. not really seeming to notice any difference between the seasons.

The party was from 1530hrs to 1800hrs on a Saturday. A pre-primary disco meets Barbie affair held at the birthday girl’s grandparents house. Since we attended last year’s party too I decided to just drop and run this time around. M was keen, that’s the go for her older brother now, and it works well for me since there are two smaller children that I need to feed and bath at that time. For my part I also figure that there are only so many people that can be reasonably crammed into a domestic premise. I was in the minority, most of the other parents hung around. It was all cool with the mother and grandparents of birthday child so it was all good. Still is all good. It’s just that since then, when I do school drop off or pick up people approach me to tell me what a “character” my little girl is. I smile and say “why yes she is” b u t … what I really want to do is interrogate them as to why they think this? What the hell does it mean? Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re saying it as a compliment. It is all in good humour… but I know this girl. I know what a “character” she can be and I just wonder what it means in their world, their language. What on earth was she doing? Other terms used my parents of her pre-primary classmates include “attitude” and “spunk”, which she sure does have in spades. So hard to believe that not eighteen months ago she was so incredibly shy to step out from her older brother’s shadow.

Back to the dress – the pattern is from Ottobre Summer 3/2011. I’ve used this pattern in it’s varying forms before. Fabric is from the stash – so yay to #stashbusting 2014 too!


  1. Haha - I so get you on the party thing! I like to drop and run no I've found out it's ok to do, but lately I seem to be the only one doing it! Of course I check first but you know... thankfully yesterday another mum also dropped and left so I felt alot better! And with an upcoming party here I really hope most parents will drop their kids and leave! Character... open to interpretation but I suppose they'd use a different term if it weren't positive! Character is great! So is the dress :)

  2. Love this one! It's great!!

  3. The dress looks great with the leggings and long sleeves underneath it! Hopefully it will still fit by Summer and can have two seasons of wear. I love that M has come into her own, confidence is a great thing. But I would be totally curious too!


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